Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India


Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India

Palmist Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer in India– Since the outburst of COVID-19, the markets have an extensive sale of masks, medicines, and Hand Sanitizers. These products not only have become a part of our daily life but also have been the most sold-off ones as they prevent the transmission of the deadly coronavirus. The need for alcohol based Hand sanitizer and other medications has soared so high that markets rapidly run out of these items. The effectiveness of alcohol-based Hand sanitizers against novel coronavirus is claimed true by global health organizations such as the World health organization (WHO), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers come in all sort so, the health organizations have listed that any alcohol-based Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol (like ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl) is the safest and right choice against Coronavirus infections. Palmist cares India is one of the leading manufactures of Alcohol Base Hand Sanitizers in India. To fulfill the need for sanitizers among the population our company has been producing Alcohol-Based Sanitizers in India to be consumed by the people locally and globally. 

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We Are Providing Overall Protection and Satisfaction To Our Customers

Palmist cares being a leading producer of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in India, looks forward to providing overall protection and satisfaction to its customers. The wide range of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are produced at our units is made to satisfy the needs of all our customers. For the detailed research by experts and team of efficient people who are the face of our company’s quality products manage to provide a solution to all the different needs of customers. The whole range of alcohol-based sanitizers and hygiene care at Palmist is clinically affirmed and certified by ISO, which assures our customers of the unmatched product quality. Palmist products are alongside approved by FDA, CE, and M. SAFE and are deemed safe for skin by dermatologists.

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Best Sanitizer in India     

In these tough times of the COVID-19, hygiene and cleanliness are the things that play a pivotal role in increasing the life expectancy of people. There are a plethora of ways being talked about that could cure the infections caused by novel coronavirus or at least prevent its transmission. But in the absence of any proper reasons people are confused about what would suit them best. In this state of confusion, the global World Health Organisation (WHO), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) came forward to clear it all. 

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers are claimed a proven way to break the transmission chain of novel coronavirus and its variants. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are listed as WHO essential medicine. Thus, following the parameters of the World Health organization, Palmist cares manufactures Alcohol-based hand sanitizers in India with a composition of 70% alcohol content in a skin-friendly gel form. As sanitizers are used multiple times a day so for use by people with sensitive skin, we have come up with alternative herbal sanitizers that are equally effective. 

At our manufacturing units, all the components in the Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are carefully combined in the clinically recommended ratios to ensure their quality is the best. Our laboratory expert precisely formulates these alcohol-based hand sanitizers and makes them an export quality to be supplied within the country as well as the global market. The Brand Palmist Cares is the best-awarded hand sanitizer manufacture in the country, as all our products are 100% safe and free of sulfates or paraben.

Alcohol-Based hand sanitizer manufacturer India

Amidst the COVID-19 circumstance, everyone has a fear of coming in contact with this deadly virus. All the people are aware of the situation around them. The countries are facing a crisis in medical as well economic terms. Therefore, to combat the worsening situation under the idea of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ the entrepreneurs joined the Vocal for local Movement which focused on producing more things locally and lessen the percentage of imports. Palmist Cares based in the capital city of Delhi came forward with its assorted range of alcohol-based hand sanitizers as well as other skincare products like soaps and shampoo etc. 

Palmist care has since the beginning been an extraordinary contributor in producing alcohol concentrated hand sanitizers to help with the rapid market demand. As compared to other brands the offers and discounts Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer providers across the country make it affordable. With the idea of increasing the awareness for cleanliness among the people within the country as well as globally, we prioritize our customers’ needs. To gain the trust of our customers all the details about the composition of our products are provided with travel-friendly packaging. 

Being one of the top brands that produce homegrown alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India we are the leading distributors and discount providers. Palmist products are made to provide overall care and are recognized as the best hand sanitizers across the country that too at sensible and wholesale rates. These alcohol-based hand sanitizers are produced using natural plant concentrates suitable for all skin types. Additionally, we work upon gaining customer loyalty along with the trust of being the best local brand that exists in the country. We lessen the hassle of the continual process of sanitizing hands by utilizing the unique packaging of hand sanitizers in bottle and sachet packets.

  What makes an Alcohol-Based hand Sanitizer fit for use?

Earlier, alcohol-based hand sanitizers were only known as the alternative way to keep clean if soap and water were not available for handwashing. Whereas the outbreak of COVID-19 and the Pandemic situation made it an effective measure to combat pathogens and fatal viruses. Hand sanitizers are made in many forms like foam, gel, and liquid form as per the requirement.  

There are many brands in India as well as abroad that manufacture alcohol-based hand sanitizers but which one is the most effective depends on how they are curated. The potential effectiveness of any alcohol concentrated hand sanitizer depends on various factors, including the quality, composition, and how the product is used. To fight against coronavirus Palmist has produced alcohol-based hand sanitizers with more than 60 percent alcohol content as the active ingredient. Our non-sticky yet lightly fragrant hand sanitizers give instant protection against 99.99% viruses and are also gentle on hands with a soft effect on all skin types.

Setting aside the variability in effectiveness, the alcohol-based hand sanitizers of various brands can help control the transmission of deadly diseases. To overcome the shortage of hand sanitizers, Palmist cares has stepped forward with its expertise as the biggest manufacturer of alcoholic sanitizers in the country. We make hand sanitizer products at a vast level to supply at hospitals and health care clinics which are the center of the war against corona. Also, we have tried to increase the access to alcohol-based hand sanitizer for our client base by pricing the products at an easily affordable rate.


Palmist herbal hand sanitizers for sensitive skin

Keeping in mind our vast expanse of users, Palmist has brought up a hand sanitizer range that is free of harmful synthetic substances purely made for people with sensitive skin. Even when alcohol-based sanitizers are scientifically proven to beat coronavirus still the overuse of it can be harmful to the skin. Though alcohol hand sanitizers have very rare side effects, for people with sensitive skin, it can result in itching and dryness. At Palmist cares, we have successfully reduced the use of harmful chemicals. Our herbal hand sanitizers though made in a natural gel base with unadulterated plant extracts are equally effective against disease-causing viruses and germs. In addition to it, they do not include any triclosan, parabens, or sulfate. 

Our goal is to serve the customers in the right way so our products are graded by dermatologists and health care experts as 100% safe for all skin types. We use 100% Ayurveda testified antibacterial herbs like Tulsi, neem, aloe vera, and brace which moisturize the skin. As an addendum, we use glycerine and essential oils to give radiant and soft skin after every use. Even the fragrances that are used to scent our products consist of natural lemon oils, blueberry, Tezuka, and organic beauty oils. 

best in quality products made by us at Palmist

The best in quality products made by us at Palmist units have made us a name which is trusted in India as well as in the Global market. The approach of being a brand, oriented to achieve customer satisfaction has created a global client base for us in countries like North America and Malaysia.

Palmist also has a variety of different hand sanitizer packaging to fit the requirement of users. Because of our unmatched expertise and quality, we are hands down one of the leading brands in making and selling hand sanitizer in the country.

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