Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer


Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer

Palmist Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer– Throughout the day all of us have certain routine tasks and chores to do. Our daily life includes going out, buying things, washing them, etc. To our former set of activities, COVID-19 has added an extra pinch of importance to hygiene and sanitizing things. The minute we come in contact with a foreign surface we have to be sure that we clean our hands and disinfect the items brought or bought by us. Realizing people’s demands to be hygienic and safe from infections, Palmist cares has launched its unique variety of alcohol-based hand rubs. 

Since the year 2019, the focus on Hand hygiene has risen to a great extent. Many global health organizations like World health organizations (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have declared that Hand Hygiene is the only most effective which can help in decreasing the levels of all lethal infections. So, it is scientifically proven that an Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer is the best choice and a clinical recommendation to provide clean hands. Like the alcohol-based Hand rub made at Palmist cares, the ideal alcoholic content required to clean hands correctly is a minimum of 60 percent. 

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Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Hand rub

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) listed criteria for an ideal alcohol-based hand rub, all Palmist Alcohol Hand Rub Sanitizer and hand wash consist of the required content of alcohols like ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or isopropyl. The use of alcohol-based hand rub can substantially reduce pathogenic organism count on hand and is more accessible than regular soap and water. If we take into consideration, the recent studies done on the efficacy of Hand rub Versus Soap and water alcoholic hand rub or antiseptic Hand sanitizers are higher up in the ratings in comparison to regular soaps.

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Alcohol-based Hand Wash Versus Regular hand wash 

During our research at Palmist cares unit for skin-friendly formulations, we have come across certain questions frequently asked by our consumers. For example, users pay a lot of attention towards knowing that which is the more effective way out of the known two methods i.e., Alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water, to maintain proper hand hygiene. Therefore, to solve this problem we referred to several articles publish and guidelines issued by the World Health Organization which states, that for the current Coronavirus Crisis Alcohol-based Hand rub is the most effective method for prevention. Palmist Care has adhered to creating formulations of alcohol-based hand rub that is gentle on skin tough on viruses. 

Alcohol-based hand rub and alcohol-based hand wash made at our units are made free of sulfate and parabens to prevent harm to the environment and skin of the customers. Moreover, all of our alcohol-based hand rub and hand sanitizers come in a range of packaging like small attractive bottles, refill pack hand rub containers, alcohol-based hand rub wipes, and Sachets (available in 2ML, 5ML, and 10ML pack). The reason why experts state alcohol-based hand rub and hand sanitizers to be efficient as they are travel friendly just like our exquisite range of products.  

One thing that adds to the effective nature of alcohol-based hand wash or hand rub is that they do not build any bacterial resistance. It is observed that all kinds of regular soaps are not free from the risk of forming resistance in the microorganisms which makes them ineffective on those agents, reducing the level of cleanliness. Also, the alcoholic content in alcohol-based hand rub does not have any relevant health issues like dry skin. Whereas the alcohol-based hand rub products we offer have moisturizing oils for sensitive skin types. 

Palmist Alcohol-based Hand rub with emollient/ moisturizing  

A lot of people across the globe are concerned not just about their health but even tend to focus on having a greater appearance. The importance of overall health care and skincare has thus affected the needs and expectations of the people from the variety of products in the market. Taking into account the market demands and our customers’ needs, Palmist cares has manufactured a whole range of skin-safe products that give overall protection.  

Even the alcohol-based hand rubs and antibacterial sanitizers that people now use daily need to have moisturizing qualities. The Palmist alcohol-based hand rubs are instilled with natural antibacterial substances like neem. To fulfill the needs of moisture deficient (dry) skin types we have infused essential oils like lemon oil, castor oil, and coconut oil into our homegrown hand rubs. For further nourishment, our delicately fabricated blends include glycerine and aloe vera gel. The unmatched quality of our products and the all-in-one protection that it provides have made us a brand approved by dermatologists. 

Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand rub give on-the-go protection and for this reason, we are the buyer’s choice. For the customers we have an exclusive range of Ayurveda curated herbal hand rubs with 70% alcoholic contents but in a natural extract base made of brace plant and aloe vera gel. The herbal range is made for sensitive skin types, to provide instant protection but with care. For our prioritized customer satisfaction policies, we have a client base in India as well as in the Global market. Our best in quality at Palmist Care has made us one of the leading and best manufactures of alcohol-based hand rub (alcohol-based hand sanitizers) in India. 

Palmist Alcohol-based Hand rub/ hand sanitizers in hospitals 

The hospitals and medical care centers are the battlegrounds for the war against the novel coronavirus and its variants. All the healthcare workers and frontline warriors need protection too. As the doctors and nurses are battling this disease for us and with us so, it becomes really important to shield them too. Among these testing times, Palmist Cares has set apace its manufacturing units in the country to manufacture in bulk alcohol base hand rubs to be used in hospitals.  

Whereas everyone in the society is playing their respective parts by doing whatever they can, Palmist has resolved to stand by the people of the nation. We do our bit by producing alcohol-based hand rub at our units in large quantities to prevent the shortage of this medical essential in the hospitals and for the common people. Palmist is India’s one of the biggest and largest manufacturers and distributors of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. With our large customer count, we supply our products to various states of the country. We need to provide the best services as it makes us what we are.  

Palmist Cares is all about quantity as well as quality. Though we hold the place of being a leading producer of alcohol-based hand sanitizers in the country, we in no way compromise with the quality of our products. As per the composition of an ideal hand rub stated by the World health organization our products have a 70% concentration of alcohol content which is proven effective to kill 99.99% of viruses. And because of our precise combinations and blend we have been certified by International Organisation for Standardization (ISO), Food And Drug Administration (FDA), CE, and M. SAFE and are counted as clinically safe for skin by dermatologists. 

Best Alcohol-based Hand Rub in India 

Almost every beauty care and pharmaceutical brand has launched its range of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand washes. That makes it difficult for the buyers to choose a product that can fulfill their skin-related needs and give them protection too. Provided that this is the case with many online buyers, Palmist is here to safeguard you from this difficulty. Palmist production units at Delhi are a center of mass production of alcohol-based hand rubs in India.  

Palmist alcohol base hand sanitizers put up with their guarantee to keep your hands free from germs and leave the hands feeling soft and moisturized. It additionally, arrives in a wide variety of packs to take into account the buyers’ requirements and preferences to suit the customer’s budget. The fact that Palmist’s range of alcohol-based hand rubs is tested along with its other products in the laboratories makes it safe for use. Moreover, the manufacturers and our lab experts refrain from the use of sulfates, triclosan, and paraben which are harsh on the skin.  

Use Palmist Hand Sanitizer For Safe and Healthy Lifestyle Clean All Day Your Hands

Our Hands frequently come in contact with contaminated services and as all necessary actions involve the use of hands, we should ensure that we keep them clean all day. However, we all know it is impossible to have a hand wash at all times because for washing our hands we need a bar of soap and water which is not readily available everywhere. This is when a hand sanitizer comes as a savior as for sanitizing, we only require a few drops of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and rub it with thoroughly your palms to kill germs.

Also, only an alcohol base hand rub can protect us from the recontamination of hands which probably is not possible with regular soaps and water. Until we find any sure short method to combat viruses like always prevention is better than cure. So, buy yourself a Palmist alcohol-based hand rub from Flipkart, Amazon, or Palmist online stores.

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