Why should we choose palmist for our skincare products?

Palmist only focuses on skincare products, and it does not have any harmful chemicals, unlike other skincare brands. Our products are made from pure natural plant extracts, which helps in rejuvenating the skin naturally.

What do the harmful chemicals like Sulphur and paraben do to your skin? 

The harmful chemicals like Sulphur and paraben present in most of the products in today’s market damage your skin and opens the pores, which allows the skin to collect dirt; this makes your skin look dull and age faster.

Where can the customers buy the products from?

Customers can buy palmist products either from the palmist website or can also go to Amazon and buy the products from there.

Why is palmist not a famous brand like other skincare brands?

Other skincare brands focus on marketing the product, whereas palmist focuses on producing quality products for their customers and does not spend on marketing the product much. Usually, the brands focus on marketing rather than the quality of the products, which makes their brand name flourish in the market but does not spend on making the right product for the customer’s satisfaction.

What would happen if a customer receives a wrong product or damaged products?

After receiving the damaged or the wrong product, the customer can apply for a return of the product within 5 to 8 days after the product has been delivered to them.

How long does it take for the product to get delivered to the customers?

After placing the order, the customer may receive the product within 10-12 days.

How is palmist products cost cheaper than the products available in the market while containing all the natural ingredients?

As palmist does not focus on marketing the product and only focuses on product quality for their customers, it does not spend on various other intermediaries, which expands the cost of the products and only has a marketing base of the producer to the customer.

How does palmist make their products last longer without any preservatives and harmful chemicals?

Palmist products are not made of any preservatives and harmful chemicals; they are only made up of natural ingredients which do not harm the skin of the customers and also last long

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