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Palmist is a private label cosmetics manufacturer in India. It has been providing modern and innovative solutions to people’s skincare and hygiene issues for over two years. At Palmist, we offer private label manufacturing services. At the heart of our services lies our deep passion for helping people live healthier and better lives. And, this passion reflects in the products we manufacture for the customers. We pride ourselves on being great listeners. We listen to everything our customers have to say about the products they wish to be manufactured. We customise and personalise the packaging of our products to meet their needs better. Our products are 100% vegan and organic; at no stage of product development or testing are the products tested on animals. Inspired by nature and led by science, our products are formulated after extensive and expansive research; they are manufactured under the supervision of impressively talented and certified skin experts. With our dedication and insatiable appetite for improvement, we have managed to grab one of the top places on the list of private label cosmetic manufacturers in India.

As a reputable private label skincare manufacturer in India, we understand our customers' uniquely diverse and specific needs and implement our wealth of knowledge in the formulation of products we manufacture. Our motto is simple: To give our customers the best of what Mother Nature has to offer and help them lead a better life

We are the best private label organic cosmetic manufactures in India and with a team of dedicated and highly competent sales executives and managers ready to help you whenever you need us. From walking you through the entire private labelling process to creating the correct collection of products for your clients, we are right there, holding your hands at each step of the way. 

"We help you get answers to all your questions and quell any doubt that makes you restless"

We live and breathe nature’s secrets for the wellbeing of the customers. Our experts have profound insights into the functioning of the skin, and they work hard day in and day out to create products personalised for you. We are an ayurvedic cosmetic manufacturer in India. We can’t promise the moon – we deliver the right and authentic results. Our valuable insights into people’s skin have made us private label skincare products manufacturers in India.

We scour the places to find ingredients your skin will adore and want more of. We are an organic cosmetic manufacturer. Here, you get what you see—no fuss or lies – only the truth and efficacy of organic ingredients.

Additionally, we have an army of people working tirelessly to help you accomplish the goals you have always dreamt of. We have a team of graphic designers who understand your business needs and craft eye-catching designs to fulfil your requirements. We understand the psychology of advertising. You will get strategies that will capture the attention and imagination of your customers. These are the services we provide:


With our help, choosing the products for your skincare range is no longer tedious. In fact, it has never been easier!

You must have heard of the proverb, “Two heads are better than one.” Well, here at Palmist, the highly qualified and impressively talented heads of our skin experts will make this proverb a dazzling reality for you. With their expertise, your competition is going to be completely blown out of the water. You are going to blow your competition out of the water. We will help you choose the right products, ask the right questions to get the right answers to help propel your business into a success.


    After choosing the right products, the designated account executive helps you select the appropriate packaging for your product to ensure longevity. We have an onsite showroom dedicated to helping you choose the best packaging with ease. Our account executives have been extensively trained to ask the right question to prize the correct information out of you to understand your budget and vision better. Moreover, our sales associate helps you pick the appropriate choices for packaging to ensure a meticulously organised brand look. With our guided help, the whole experience will be the closest it can get to a walk in the park. Yes, it’s that easy with the right help! 


      After choosing the right skincare products and the appropriate packaging for them, the next step is all about your brand's image. We break things down and cut through the jargon and unnecessary hype to help you aim your products to the target audience and understand the value and vision of your company. We dig into the motivation behind your brand and make sure it gets communicated to your customers in the right way.  

      We will be there helping you take baby steps towards your success. If it sounds daunting to you, with our help, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease. At the end of the session, you will have the brand image and vision that resonates with your customers. 


      Now that you have established your brand, the subsequent step is designing packaging for your products. Our team goes above and beyond what is required: we believe a logo isn’t a bunch of random words scribbled on the packaging of the products; the logo is fundamental to the brand image, so we ensure your logo communicates everything your hold dear to your heart. 

      Our highly proficient team of experts painstakingly design as many versions of your labels as required for you to review and offer feedback on. Our work ethic is strict and has no room for irrationality. We use cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art designs to make this journey less daunting


      Our guidance and help don’t end at helping you pick the things mentioned above; as we said before, we bend over backwards for you because our goal is to allow your business to take off in as little time as humanly possible. Along with helping you with a private label skincare line, our hardworking team goes on to help you to market your products to boost sales. From helping with our online ingredient database, product brochures to our skin experts getting their insights on your products, we do it all for you. We arm you with the knowledge you need to hit the ground running and help your business become one of the best in the skincare market.

      Got questions? Contact us here to get assistance on the private label, and we will be more than happy to help.


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