Palmist is a fast-growing private label manufacturer. We offer private label manufacturing services to anyone passionate enough to work with us. We are dedicated to providing innovative and modern solutions with a dash of nature’s love and care mixed in

Palmist is a personal care and hygiene product manufacturer, and we manufacture herbal and natural cosmetic products. For us, your wish is indeed our command. We will manufacture anything and everything you want us to. We are flexible, adaptable and ensure to tailor our services to your needs so that you get the most out of your time with us and your products become a success in the market. 

We believe in doing extensive research before manufacturing any products. Ruthless attention to detail and testing everything rigorously before launching is a motto all of our staff live by. Such is our dedication and determination to produce top-notch products; nothing inferior gets by us. All of our products are manufactured under the shrewd eye of our certified, licensed and remarkably talented skin experts and R&D team.

We have profound insights into people’s behavioural patterns and their evolving demand for products that help simplify their lives. We use this knowledge and wisdom to the maximum and manufacture products that make people’s life more convenient and enjoyable. From nature’s arsenal of secrets, we bring products just for you. 

We have a lot of experts, professional sales executives, and managers ready to assist you with the private labelling process and produce the perfect product collection for your customers. They help you get to the core of your complexities and get the best answers to your questions, making it easier for you to break through all the obstacles on your success journey. 

We specialise in caring for your skin by making it healthier with nature’s treasure trove of secrets and our experts’ expertise. 

Additionally, we have a team of graphic designers ready to give appealing and attention-grabbing designs to your products to make the products stand out from the ocean of products available in the market. 


There is a whole ocean of products in the market. Choosing the right products for your brand can be overwhelming and a bit of a midfield, not to mention time-consuming. Selecting products for your skincare brand or products can be a time-consuming process. To make the journey a little easier, our army of people do extensive research before choosing your line of products. We also collaborate with renowned skin experts to assess your business and select the products just for your brand so that your products are a massive success in the market.


After choosing the right products, our experts help you select killer minimalistic yet elegant packaging to make your product stand out. By doing this kind of packaging, you help not only the environment by also do a rather good job of attracting your customers’ attention. 

We happen to have a room dedicated to packaging selection. Good packaging goes a long way to painting an immaculately clean and authentic picture of the brand, so the packaging you choose with our help is always right and communicates what you need it to. A lot of other things go into ensuring your products are elegantly packaged; it could be your vision, your budget, a message you are trying to get across to the customers and more. Our procedure to choose the best packaging encompasses all that. 

Even though we have a lot of options for packaging that are included in the product’s price, some of them can be upgraded for a minimal charge. Your sales associate will help you work out the packaging best for your products.


After choosing the killer packaging, the next step is a discussion on your brand establishment. You can’t go manufacture some products without knowing who your target customers are. It’s critical you understand what you are targeting, how your products can help solve their skincare and hygiene issues, and your selling point. 

Don’t let this intimidate you. It’s much easier than it sounds, especially with help from professionals like Palmist. We will take you through everything your brand needs to make it memorable for your customers. You will be provided with a branding brief; we will just the right questions to prize the best and valuable information out of you. In other words, if you are hazy about your goal and lack clarity of thought, you will go away feeling better about your chances of success and confident in your brand’s ability to make a change in people’s lives.


After choosing your solid branding, your products, and your packaging selections, the next step is to design your packaging. For us, it is not just adding a logo to an existing label. We do a lot more. We make sure your products represent the ethos you stand for. It is, in our opinion, the most effective design technique for transforming your brand on your skincare product range.

Our expert team will create many examples of your labels for you to study and provide input. Our new creative techniques are sensible and user-friendly, resulting in a rapidly growing firm in the shortest period possible.


Our job doesn’t end here. We go above and beyond for you. The team of experts go on to help you commercialise and market your products so that your products reach as many people as possible. Harnessing the power of social media, we advertise your brand’s best yet authentic image to draw customers in. We have an online ingredient database, product brochures, catalogues and trained skincare professionals. You will get a roadmap to your success, but it will take time, so you must exercise patience. Rome was not built in a day.

So why wait? Contact us right away and get cracking!

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