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Pillow Spray For Sleep Combo Stress Relief Aromatherapy Blend Sound Sleep

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Palmist Therapy Combo - Stress Relief Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage | Vanilla | Lavender & Geranium Pillow spray-100 ml (Pack of 3): Aromatherapy Blend Sound Sleep -...
Rs. 719.00
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Palmist Therapy Combo - Stress Relief Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage | Vanilla | Lavender & Geranium Pillow spray-100 ml (Pack of 3): Aromatherapy Blend Sound Sleep - All Natural & Herbal.

Each of these gift packs are put together in an exclusive packaging with sun-dried roses. This additional touch of fragrant roses add on to your expression of love for your loved ones. Packed with love and dedication along with the aromatic rose petals this package becomes a timeless memory. While the vegan and skin-safe items make it worth for giving away as memorable gifts and gift hamper


In the current times, lifestyle for people has been very stressful and hectic. This Valentine's Day gift your loved ones with the unique valentine's gift made with flowery natural fragrances. This therapy relaxation and stress releasing pillow spray help in doing away with the anxiety and stress of the days it helps you get a night of better sleep. This turns out to be the perfect gift to feel loved ones as it comes in a classic combo with relaxing formulations and amazing essential oils.


Ques.1. Is pillow spray good for you?

Ans. 1 Yes, Palmist Pillow Sprays are good for you as they doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. And they can be used by everyone i.e, Children, Men, Women, Old age Group and even pregnant women can also use it.  

Ques. 2 What should I spray on my pillow?

Ans. 2 If you are suffering from sleeping problems and want to get rid of it. Then you can use PALMIST Pillow Spray for relaxing and deep sleep. PALMIST Pillow Sprays have many fragrances - VANILLA, LAVENDER and GERMANIUM, Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage etc.

Ques. 3 What does a pillow mist do?

Ans 3. PALMIST PILLOW SPRAY contains very elegant fragrances which decrease anxiety and stress. Also help to sleep faster and wake up fully rested. It also improves blood flow to the brain.

Ques. 4 Is this deep sleep pillow spray safe for dogs?

Ans. 4 Yes, this is Perfect for the whole family, it's even suitable for pets.Because it contains natural ingredients.

Ques. 5 How do you use sleep spray?

Ans. 5 Shake the bottle and spritz the bed linens directly. While you sleep, natural night-time movement releases the scent. Keep out of children's reach. Under adult supervision, suitable for kids 3 and up.

Ques. 6 Can I use lavender pillow spray when pregnant?

Ans. 6 This is due to the fact that lavender can help with period control. This isn't to say that using it during pregnancy increases your chances of miscarriage. When you're pregnant, stay away from the following essential oils: basil.


  • Relaxing and Better Sleep 

The stress release or relaxing formula of the pillow spray and essential oils infused in it comes down to the nerves. The sleep-inducing properties of the essentials used help in regulating the sleep cycle. 

  • Non- addictive 

Unlike other sleep-regulating solutions, the pillow sprays are non-addictive and do not cause habitual addiction to them. The chances of any side effects are really low. Its clinically prescribed formulation helps in making it a thoughtful and perfect gift for special occasions. 

  • Premium Package 

The pillow spray comes in a pack of three variable options. It comes in classic packaging that is perfect for gifting on special occasions. This set of 3 puts is an amazing option for him and her. 


Ylang Ylang & Clary Sage Pillow spray: this pillow spray is made with natural essentials like clary sage oil and ylang-ylang oil. Its relaxing and stress-reducing properties make it fit for coming down the mind. 

Lavender & Geranium Pillow Spray: The classic fragrance of the lavender and germanium pillow spray helps in making your mood lighter and relieving problems like a headache. The light fragrances raise the spirits. 

Vanilla Pillow Spray: the vanilla pillow spray is made with amazing scents of vanilla beans. Its soothing properties help in bringing better sleep. 

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Pillow Spray For Sleep Combo Stress Relief Aromatherapy Blend Sound Sleep
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