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Travel Size Body Lotion with Aloe Vera Pure Hydrating Lotion (50ml)

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Palmist Aloe Vera Body Lotion tester pack has our hydrating body lotion. The herbal aloe vera body lotion is proven effective for combating dryness and issues of sensitive...
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Palmist Aloe Vera Body Lotion tester pack has our hydrating body lotion. The herbal aloe vera body lotion is proven effective for combating dryness and issues of sensitive skin. Aloe body lotion infused with the antioxidant properties of natural aloe vera extracts that restore skin moisture the make it healthier. Paraben and sulfate-free formula of this soothing body lotion help to fight against skin problems like sunburn, dryness, and acne. The trial packs are made available for customers' convenience and quality assurance. 
1. Aloe Vera body lotion is hydrating skin repair solution that is made by using unadulterated plant concentrates like aloe vera juice and aloe vera extracts.
2. The body lotions nongreasy moisturising formula is specifically made to suit the sensitive and dry skin type.
3. Crafted by skin experts, this body lotion contains the best of ingredients.
4. It gets absorbed into deep layers of the skin and helps in combating dryness, suntan and other visible signs of ageing.
5. The bioactive compounds present in the body lotion work for both the sunburnt summer skin and the dry winter skin.
Composition: Each 100ml contains Triticum sativum (3ml), Cocos nucifera (3ml), Brasica comprestis (5ml) , Aqueous Extracts of Ocimum sanctum (5mg) , Aloe vera (12mg), Lens esculenta (3mg), Symplocos racemosa (3mg), Rosa damascena (3mg), Excipients QS.
The Palmist Body Lotion is a formulated nourishing body lotion made for women and men. The body lotion equally hydrates the dehydrated skin and deeply nourishes it. Palmist’s range of body lotions is clinically suitable for different skin needs due to its light formulation put together by use of pure plants extracts and natural essential oils. The body lotion hydrates the dry skin to the inner layers and treats the probable reason for many skin problems. This body lotion composition is created without using harmful chemicals like paraben and sulfate, protecting sensitive skin from damage.
Natural formulation illuminates the skin cells by removing dead skin. Aloe Vera body lotion is a naturally nourishing and hydrating preparation of body lotion using natural ingredients with equal skin repair solutions. These body lotions are made by combining hydrating elements like aloe vera juice and aloe vera extracts to suit different types of skin. Our aloe body lotion is specifically made for sensitive and dry skin without using harsh preservatives that result in allergies on the skin. The body lotion gets absorbed in deep layers of the skin and helps remove dryness, suntan, and other visible signs of ageing.
Easy to use: The aloe vera body lotion comes in an easy to use and handy packaging that suits the different needs of customers.
Travel-friendly: Our aloe vera body lotion is available in a small and travel-friendly packaging that easily fits travel bags.
Spill-free: The aloe body lotion comes in a hassle-free, no-spill packaging that suits All skin types: The product has a formulation suitable for all skin types.
No harmful chemicals: All the products of Palmist are sulfate and paraben-free and have no toxins in them.
Single 50ml Sample pack (net quantity) (This product can be purchased for your personal trial purposes) Loaded with the goodness of pure Aloe Extracts, Tulsi and essential oil; the body lotion seeps in several layers of skin and helps in restoring elasticity. Created with the expertise of age-old herbal skincare secrets and modern skin science the body lotion makes skin healthy and glowing. Palmist Aloe Vera Body lotion made without using harmful preservatives and a cruelty free process gives a flawlessly moisturized skin all day.
Why you would love our Aloe Vera Body Lotion – Palmist aloe vera lotion comes in a 50ml bottle. It is a non-greasy hydrating lotion that fights dryness all year round. Herbal ingredients restore elasticity & keep skin healthy. Aloe body lotion is loaded with the goodness of aloe vera, which hydrates the skin. The antioxidant-rich content of aloe vera takes care of all your sunburns and UV-damaged skin. All season hydration in a non-sticky, light creme formula Refreshing natural fragrances have a calming effect Carefully crafted formula suitable for all skincare needs Youthfully beautiful skin without the side effect of harsh synthetic chemicals. This body lotion is sulphate- and paraben-free and has no harmful chemicals.
Key ingredients of Palmist Aloe Vera Body Lotion Aloe Vera is a rich source of vitamin C, E and B12 that deeply moisturise the skin, controls inflammation and stimulate the recovery of damaged skin. Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) - Tulsi helps in combatting skin problems, reducing dark spots, giving a healthy and glowing skin. Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) – Coconut oil cures bacterial skin allergies, control signs of ageing and nourishes the skin by hydrating it.
Using the body lotion is really simple. Apply lotion over the desired area immediately after a bath or shower. Slowly massage the lotion by using the hand and moving it in a circular motion for better absorption. Do not wipe the product off. Leave it on and enjoy your moisturised skin all day long without worrying about greasiness.
Q. Does Palmist Aloe Vera Body Lotion make skin oily?
Ans. No, this body lotion has a lightweight formula that seeps into layers of the skin without making it sticky or oily.
Q. Is this free from harmful preservatives, synthetics and all nasties?
Ans. 100%. Our shampoos and other products are free from anything and everything that could damage the skin's delicate barrier; that includes synthetics, toxins, harmful preservatives and any cruelty.
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Travel Size Body Lotion with Aloe Vera Pure Hydrating Lotion (50ml)
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