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About Palmist Cares

Palmist Cares, India (Pocket Inc) is one of the fastest-growing skincare and hygiene care brands in India. We are an independent brand that is working towards being recognized as a global symbol for priority customer satisfaction and serving people with the best in quality and price. We started this journey originally in the year 2019 as an initiative to help people recognize the importance of hygiene and self-care. Our primary focus when we began was towards awakening the people's feeling of self-love and help people in realizing the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

We have come a long way since the beginning of our company to become a trusted brand name that is highly appreciated for focusing on customer loyalty and quality of all manufactured. For us starting this company was not at all easy but the pleasure of coming this far makes all the hard work worth it. We have grown from the stature of justice being a start-up to being a trusted shareholder in the global market. Though we began with a small goal and lots of hopes the great teamwork and unmatched expertise have made us realize all that we dreamt of.

it is not at all easy for any company to grow without the support of its customers and a hard-working team of professionals. Palmist has also been able to set new benchmarks because of excellent guidance, hard work of day and night, a team of dedicated members/employees, and the immense trust that people have put upon us. As we all know that for being big in any field every small step counts so, uphold people's trust and prove ourselves worthy of it we do our best in all ways.

As a people’s brand we truly believe in, “Quality means doing it right”


Since the very beginning, the company has been working with the goal of “Sanitisation-Maximisation”, which in layman's terms stands for helping people in knowing the importance of hygiene and working towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. As we live in a country that has an immense population so we realized that it wouldn't be possible to achieve this goal without us giving our 100% dedication and innovation towards people and society’s welfare. And in order to fulfill our goal, we started keeping a track of what customers require from the products they use in daily life.

The goal of ‘Sanitisation-Maximisation’ was not nearly started to change any individual's life but to contribute in a unique way towards enhancing the lifestyle of people living in India. Moreover, the unprecedented arrival of coronavirus in our life strengthened our motive of establishing a more health-conscious streak in the current lifestyle of all the people. As a local brand, our prime focus is to contribute to the country's development in any way possible.


With a crisis comes great opportunities and a new scope for discovery and innovation. Taking the global pandemic as an opportunity to make India bigger and better, the ‘Make in India’ movement was fired up with a new motive that was becoming ‘Vocal for Local’. Because the population of the country is really big, therefore, the responsibility of providing with the adequate number of essentials and supplies becomes even bigger. To shoulder this responsibility our company played its part in awakening people to value all big and small to fulfill the increasing demand for quality hygiene and beauty care solutions.

In order to support this cause and make India a self-dependent nation we produce products locally and in an immense amount. Apart from taking care of the adequate supply for all the products with our home-grown expertise we also work on the quality of each and every product we make to help people recognize the potential we possess within our own country. Whereas we have also initiated making naturally processed and herbal products inspired by the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda. By doing this we also make people see things beyond a brand name and focus on the countries inherent, traditional excellence.


Quality matters over everything and as a people's choice brand we firmly believe in this. Palmist is a leading name in the manufacture and supply of a huge range of beauty, skincare, and hygiene products. For achieving the place of the best, we have always believed in maintaining high-quality standards and providing our customers with the best possible innovation. The sole reason behind people's trust in us has been our dependable range of products and the transparency policy we follow while manufacturing them.

All products made at Palmist production units are specially made under expert supervision and with the advice of professional chemists. We do not believe in compromising people's safety and for the same, we make up products with the finest quality and under the most hygienic conditions. We use plenty of natural plant concentrates and utilize the goodness to ensure overall protection for our customers. Our expert makes use of nature's goodness to the fullest because it is believed that pure natural substances do not generally have side effects. In addition, using natural elements in our products, refrain from using any synthetically obtained chemicals which result in long term side effects and can have a negative effect on the individual's skin and body in the long run.

To ensure people's safety all the products made by us are dermatologically tested and run through several quality control check examinations. Our premium quality products being all cruelty free, vegan is a small step taken towards sustainable tomorrow. For the convenience and assurance of customers, we only sell products that are approved by prestigious organizations. All the products manufactured by us are approved by WHO, CDC, FDA, CE, M. SAFE, and WHO- GMP. And consequently, our 100% transparency policy helps us win over a loyal customer base and recognition for the hard work we do.

In Compliance With Certifications of Palmist


Palmist products are tried and tested in the laboratories and are certified by ISO, which also gives a surety that our products do not cause any harm to the consumer. Our products are also certified by FDA, CE, M.SAFE and are dermatologist tested by experts.


Sometime back we had begun with nothing but now our hard work has made us cross new milestones and gain heights of excellence. With the customers' trust and the supreme quality of our products combined with our dedication to helping the country stay strong in the pandemic we have, we have been recognized as the Best Sanitizer Manufacturer in the country. Several customer’s testimonies and our loyalty towards them have been a relationship of mutual joy. Apart from being the best in the field of manufacturing, we have been successfully known for being the largest supplier, distributor, and exporter of locally formulated find quality products.

From making body washes to providing an ample amount of sanitizer about the pandemic we have been awarded the Global Achiever’s Award 2021. This achievement has been a matter of pride for us. Owing to this we have also been credited for contributing to the country's welfare. And more than all of this what makes us happier is the satisfaction we deliver to our customers and the loyalty that we gain in return.


Palmist has not only created a name for itself in the country but has managed to reach the global market space. Our export quality products have made us a shareholder in the global market. We sell our products in a bulk quantity and at wholesale prices in Malaysia and North America.

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