A bad hair day can happen to anyone! Isn’t it? Is it frustrating most of the time to see models with bouncy, voluminous manes flaunting their hair care ads? They can go overboard sometimes.

Experts say that with proper hair care, the dream of healthy hair can be realized. Explore this article to discover the top hair care tips.

Maintain Regular Hair Washing

Your hair and scalp are kept clean by regularly washing them. Nevertheless, the frequency you choose will depend on your hair type and personal preferences. for extremely dry hair wash it twice a week. Alternating your hair washing days can be helpful if you have oily hair.

Shampoos free of chemical additives

Although you can't control every factor that damages your hair, you can control the kind of shampoos you use. The fewer chemicals your shampoo contains, the healthier your hair will be. If you have sensitive hair, choose gentle shampoos.

As well as lathering and preserving, sulfates and parabens in shampoo can irritate the skin over time and can disrupt hormones.

Condition Correctly

The ingredients in your conditioner make your hair fall straight and manageable as well as protect it from environmental aggressors and heat styling. The condition should always apply to the tips of the hair and not to your scalp.

Do not use a hair drier

Dry your hair naturally, as blow-drying makes your hair look good for some time but excess heat from a hair drier damage your hair and scalp too. Never take nap in wet hair or comb hair it causes hair fall. If you rub your hair too hard with a towel, you can damage its cuticles. Be gentle.

Oiling your hair properly

Oiling is a pre-shampoo treatment, oiling and massaging improve blood circulation on the scalp, makes your scalp relax, boost shine and nourish the hair. Besides restoring moisture content and promoting hair growth, it also repairs split ends. Among the choices are coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, etc. Never use mineral oil.

Maintain regular hair trimming

To avoid split ends, trim your hair every six to eight weeks. Damage to the hair, such as hair styling, pollution, smoking, stress, etc. results in split ends. Trimming will not make the hair grow faster in a magic way. It ensures that healthy hair is growing at the root level.

Use best hair bands

Open your hair as often as possible, but use a hair tie to protect it from environmental aggressors. Don’t use plastic hairbands, but use fabric hair ties. Make sure your hair is too tight when you create a ponytail or another hairstyle.

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