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Palmist Healthcare is India’s leading best Skin Care Manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. We deal with private label cosmetics premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and We have an international customer base as well. We are exporting Palmist white label cosmetics Products globally to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, hong kong, malaysia and many more. supply of items. Palmist Healthcare is continuously committed to provide one stop service solution to facilitate individual clients, SMEs and larger corporations to achieve their success and long term business objectives.




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Our Mission


Skin Care manufacturer- At Palmist, innovation keeps us going through phases and helps us become better. Sustainability is something we seek to achieve with our team of experts and better ideas. We work in the direction of making the world a better place for all. Through our brand name, we combine passion with purpose to make a change. Along with improvised skin-safe formulations, we delve into making travel and pocket-friendly products. Upgrading our choices and preferences, we have been trying to make a change in our processes for the good of all your customers, the environment and animals as well.


Not all challenges are industry-specific. We guide clients through their thorniest business issues, from strategy to organizational effectiveness to the digital revolution.


Our thought leadership makes an impact — on clients, on industries, and on society. Whether you’re looking for a practical how-to or a provocative think piece, you’ll find it here.


Our experts operate from 50+ cities around the globe. We Follow The Global Improvements With The Continuously Improvement Approach.


We Manufacture High Quality Products In Order To Meet The Customer Expectations.

Our Expertise make to build a global brand

Our Best Services to Help Boost your Presence and visibility in cosmetics industry

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But are you intimidated by the unavoidable fluctuation of the economy? Well, guess what, we have just the solution for it, Beauty Industry.

Skin Care Custom Formulation

Palmist is a custom formulation cosmetic manufacturer, we do custom skincare formulation, custom haircare formulation, custom personal care formulation and offer cosmetic formulation services.

Skincare Contract Manufacturing

Backed by years of experience and fuelled by a wealth of knowledge, Palmist has been a skin and hygiene expert for long enough to know what works for the customers.

Research and Development

If yes, you happen to be in the right place. Palmist has a dedicated and immensely talented team of highly qualified people who are always ready to help you on your business journey.

Establishing Your Own Skincare Brand

A number of reasons, especially increased consumer awareness and interest in self-care, natural beauty, and anti-ageing products, are causing the beauty industry to boom.

Hotels Amenities Travel Pack OEM

Palmist Healthcare is a five-star hotel amenities supplier, exporter and wholesaler manufacturer. We supply hotel amenities, hotel room amenities, eco-friendly hotel amenities, hotel bathroom amenities, herbal and ayurvedic skincare, and haircare products.


We have ideas—life-changing and skin-transforming ideas. We at Palmist implement our innovative ideas into the products. Best Skin Care Manufacturer Palmist Skin Care is driven by the immense passion for helping people helping them to lead healthier and better lives with our extensive research, clinical trials and a wealth of knowledge. Our products are formulated for different skin concerns to optimize skin health. We have a passionate and dedicated team of certified and licensed skin experts and chemists who specialize in the better functioning of the skin. Palmist uses ethically sourced and 100% vegan ingredients. Palmist has been known to significantly improve skin health with continued use, thanks to their non-irritating, science-backed ingredients. As things evolve, we make sure our products amend, too. We empower people and educate them about their skin and health. A person with a better understanding of their skin and ingredients makes informed decisions before buying any product. At the end of the day, all we want to see is a smile on our customers’ faces.



We give you the best of both worlds by having you reap the benefits of nature and science. We make your skin dreamy smooth. Born from years of extensive research and hard work, Palmist is paving the way with its trailblazing originality. We at Palmist SkinCare, also manufacture customised and personalised products for our patronages. Our formulations transcend regions in that we scour all corners of the planet to bring the best of the best for your skin. Our philosophy is simple: Give your skin the best and nothing else. Palmist dives deep into the intricacies of all the steps to ensure the production of superior products without fail. Skin Care Manufacturer We analyses all the ingredients, scrutinise their efficacy, develop original ideas and test them rigorously. All high-performing ingredients are expertly formulated and packaged to demand attention and appeal to customers we make them want more. We also make sure to meet whatever expectations you may have of us.


Palmist SkinCare works closely with your brand. Our home laboratory and licensed skin specialists are admirable in their profession. Skin Care Manufacturer, We focus on the best formulation possible in your budget. Palmist SkinCare is ISO certified, and all of our products are 100% vegan. We bring your products to the market faster than all your competitors. We are relentlessly working for our clients’ business journey is as easy as possible. We advise from colours to ingredients, whatever you might like. We strategise the whole process to help you carve out your niche in the market, giving you an edge over your competition. Skin Care Manufacturer We help our clients with raw materials, creativity, and attention to detail during different stages of product development. We use state-of-the-art software and documentation. We also make sure our staff are abiding by the standards and regulations. We create a Product Information File for each product. We also, assist you in uploading your products to the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal.



Fuelled by profound passion, Palmist offers cost-effective full-service solutions to our clients. Our clientele’s products are loved and adored in the market. We use cutting-edge technology to facilitate product development. With our focus on the market as sharp as laser, we work tirelessly to make our products exclusive; from the formulation of those products to adding ingredients; from packaging the products to designing campaign advertisements for them. These personal care products are prepared under the expertise and excellence of our R&D team. While we will do everything in our ability to meet your requirements, having a basic understanding of the concepts involved and knowing what you want your product to accomplish, will help us achieve your goals more effectively and economically. To add a feather to the proverbial hat, we amalgamate nature and science in our fantastic formulations for tangible results. We are the results our product brings. Skin Care Manufacturer


Skin Care Manufacturer Palmist believes that every great product was once just merely a concept. Even if you have a potential idea, our job is to make it turn into reality. We take over you and use our advanced resources and cutting-edge equipment to develop your wonderful products on your favourable budget. After conducting numerous quality checks and tests on the concept of the product, the final development of products is validated and scrutinised to avoid acquiescing to inferiority. The inferior products are then discarded. Our experts also check for the viability, flexibility and success of the products against other products in the market. We have strict protocols that we adhere to ensure the success of the products in as little time as possible. We hasten the process of product development for the fast availability of the products in the market to beat your competitors to it for shifting the odds for success in your favour.


We at Palmist Care do intense ingredient research for you and find a genius formulation of science and Ayurveda. Our licensed and certified skincare experts work every day to hunt the planet to discover the best ingredients for you. After finding the best ingredients, they work day in and day out to formulate the products that make your customers’ dreams turn into reality; all under screening criteria. Skin Care Manufacturer Palmist cosmetics have gained much popularity among the population. Our cosmetic products have been named to have efficacy and intrinsic acceptability due to routine use. The Palmist Care products are skin-friendly as they are made from botanical ingredients which are enriched with natural vitamins and antioxidants. They make your skin healthier and gentler with time. Palmist SkinCare is made from natural ingredients so all the products are cruelty-free. Our products are suitable for every skin type. Our products purify the skin deeply with no harmful effects.


We at Palmist consider that innovation keeps us going through all the phases and helps us become better for you. We believe sustainability is something we seek to achieve with our panel of professionals and ingenious superior ideas. Through our brand, we deem combining passion with purpose to make a change. We guide our clientele through their thorniest business issues. At this stage, we evaluate the process with a fine-tooth comb to ensure conformity to standards put forward by our clients.Our thought-provoking leadership makes an impact on clients, industries, and society. Palmist SkinCare prototypes are created in navigator bunches to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our products. Our every product is then quality controlled and is gone through rigorous regulation to make exceptionally superior products. Along with our improvised skin-safe formulations, we delve into making travel and pocket-friendly products. Upgrading our choices and preferences, we have been trying to make a change in our processes for the good of all your customers, the environment and animals. Skin Care Manufacturer.


At Palmist our experts provide complete end-to-end private labelling service right from bottling to shipping your ready to sell products to your doorstep. We can provide a label design service for a small one-time fee. Once the packaging material is selected, we will bottle, cap, label and package your products and ship them to your location worldwide at competitive shipping prices. We can also ship to Amazon FBA or your Drop shipper. We can produce any required size of packaging from 15 ml to 500 ml. You get the labels designed and printed and sent to us. We will apply the labels to your bottles. We will get the labels printed and apply them to your bottles. We design and print your labels. Whatever you demand, we obey. Samples of products and prototypes are doled out for ruthless investigation and assessment. At every step, we keep our clients updated and ask for their opinions and views for maximum satisfaction. Skin Care Manufacturer.


The Palmist SkinCare doesn't have a minimum order requirement. After conducting numerous quality checks and tests, the final development of products is validated and scrutinised to avoid acquiescing to inferiority. Our experts check for the feasibility, flexibility and accomplishment of the products adjacent to other goods in the market. We beat your competitors, shifting the odds for your success. Our quality is guaranteed to be superior and exceptional and we have a fair price policy for self-labelling. We only acknowledge 100% pure oil blends. We design and implement an efficient new creation; we trust the introduction method is obligatory to a product’s success in any form of the specified market. For each component of the procedure, manufacturers should scrupulously consider each selection to make definite eminence products. We believe, for an enormous constituent in commercializing any manufactured goods is you select the right intermediary manufacturer. Skin Care Manufacturer.


Palmist SkinCare is a contract manufacturing Skin Care Manufacturer for skincare, body care, hair care, baby care, cosmetics, perfumery, and hygiene. Whether you have mature-looking, acne-prone, or combination skin, it is considered to stick with Palmist products as we snug most of your needs. Our product works to exfoliate dead skin and unclog pores, which the critics say leave your skin looking dazzled and downy. It has a moisturizing trait that aids balance your skin’s hydration. Some of our products work overnight to haul out and suck up dirt and infection from pimples. Palmist SkinCare moisturizers are consumed 1% Salicylic Acid which is measured as one of the most impactful ingredients at clearing acne. Palmist skincare products are created by only the finest dermatologists. The cleanser is formulated with three crucial ceramides to assist refurbish the skin’s shielding fence. It also includes Hyaluronic acid to hold up preserving moisture.

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Here Are The Solutions For All Your Queries

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