Pocket INC is a five-star hotel amenities supplier, exporter and wholesaler manufacturer. We supply hotel amenities, hotel room amenities, eco-friendly hotel amenities, hotel bathroom amenities, herbal and ayurvedic skincare, and haircare products. Our products are loved and adored by the customers in the market for the authenticity and tangible results the products deliver. They have an exceptionally long shelf life, contain no harmful chemicals, are reasonably priced, and are incredibly effective.
Our products are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. They are frequently quality controlled and rigorously tested for their maximum efficiency. We have a team of highly qualified and certified skin experts who make sure everything – the collection of raw material, formulation, packaging and shipping along with miscellaneous things – is done under their expert eyes.

The best way of deciding how you can make your guests’ stay more enjoyable is by putting yourself in their shoes.

What could make your stay less hassle-free and more pleasant?

Try to work out the pain points.

Could this be better hotel amenities?

Better shampoo or a non-greasy body lotion?

With so much competition around, it’s easy to get frustrated by the choices available and end up being overwhelmed. Choosing the right things to make your hotel stand out can be a bit of a midfield.

But Palmist – a hotel amenities manufacturer and supplier – is here to save the day! Palmist is a hotel amenities supplier in India

Good hotel amenities go a long way to making a good impression on guests.

While it may sound bleedingly obvious to some, it’s incredible how many hotel owners don’t make efforts to improve their hotel amenities.

It could make or break the first impression of your hotel. Really.

So, choosing hotel amenities that will provide the biggest return on investment is critical.

Luckily, Palmist is one of India’s most reputable hotel amenities manufacturers and is ready and raring to help hotels make the best impression on their guests.

We provide room amenities, hotel toiletries, and guest amenities to make your guests’ stay as enjoyable as staying at home.

If you are searching for hotel toiletries & hotel bathroom amenities, bulk quintiles, call us at +91-7669006909 or send us an email at

Now let’s dive deeper and discuss the whole range of products we offer:


Palmist manufacturers and supplies shampoos for healthy and silky hair. Unlike regular chemical-based, all our shampoos are free from all harmful chemicals and 100% vegan. They are available in 50ml and 5ml sizes for customers’ convenience. We are a hotel toiletries supplier in India


Palmist has conditioners to moisturise the unruliest of hair. Our conditioners deeply hydrate the frizz from roots to tips for ultra-smooth and silky hair. We have conditioners available in 50ml bottles and 5ml sachets.


During travel, hair is one of the first things to lose its luminosity. But with the proper care, you can get that shine back. Palmist has deeply moisturising hair masks to breathe life into the most lifeless hair. Our hair mask is available in a 50gm size. hotel toiletries suppliers in Delhi


Sometimes, we all need a bit of TLC. And, Palmist hair serum does precisely that. It revitalises hair with a powerhouse of nourishing hair oils to make your hair smoother and enviably shinier. Our hair serum is available in a 30ml size.


Like all our products, Palmist manufactures chemical-free and vegan products to ensure your customers get the best they deserve.

We have a whole range of face washes and gels to meet your customers’ diverse and evolving needs:

  1. Aloe vera Face Wash and Gel
  2. Fresh Cucumber Face Wash and Gel
  3. Detox Tea Face Wash and Gel
  4. Blue Ocean Face Wash and Gel
  5. Lemon Zest Face Wash and Gel
  6. Red Wine Gel

These face washes have added mild fragrances for a rich and sensual cleaning experience.

But for those who don’t like fragrance in their products but still want their experience to be just as effective, we have fragrance-free versions to meet those ultra-sensitive needs.

Our face gels are available in 100ml bottles, while face washes are available in 50ml and 18ml sizes. We are a hotel amenities supplier in Delhi


Some people prefer foam more, and we understand that. If this sound like you, we have just the thing for you. We have foaming face washes in 50 ml bottles to meet these needs.

Just because your guests are not in the comfort of their homes, it should not mean they should settle for less.


Wrap your lips in a thick layer of hydration with Palmist lip balm available in a 50g size. Our lip balms drench chapped lips for maximum hydration and moisture retention.


Our luxuriously rich cleansing milk is for those with angry (think redness), frustrated and congested skin. It smooths over the face to unclog pores and comfort all skin inflammation. No, that is not all it does: this heavy-duty milk drapes the skin with the hydration your skin craves for that brighter and smoother visage. Our cleansing milk is available in a 50ml size. Palmist is a hotel bathroom amenities supplier in India.


Quench your skin’s thirst with our hydrating face toners, which work to swipe away the impurities accumulated in the pores while optimising the skin’s moisture level for that plump and youthful appearance. all your customers.


Our serums are just skin needs to tackle all those unwelcome dark spots that journeys and constant exposure to sun rays give us. This serum nourishes the skin and can also be used as a preventative measure before those dark spots rear their unwanted heads. Our face serum is available in a 30ml bottle.


We relentlessly take care of our face but tend to neglect our vulnerable lips. They are also exposed to harsh elements and thus need to be loved and cared for just as much. Our lip scrubs gently scrub away all dull and dead skin cells to unearth smoother and pink lips ready for that sexy pout. Our lip scrubs are available in a 15gram size. We are manufacturing luxury hotel amenities.


Scrub away all the pollution making your face dull, debris clogging your pores and dead skin cells eclipsing your glow with Palmist revitalising face scrub. It’s available in a 50ml size.


Cleanse away the dirt, not the precious moisture your skin needs to function optimally. Our body washes are a sophisticated blend of hydrating heroes to soften and moisten the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Our body washes are available in a 50ml bottle.


You don’t forget to moisturise your face, so why forget to moisturise your body?

Crammed with food, the skin your body is starved of, our body lotions help to resurface the authentic and natural complexion hiding behind rough and dry skin to reveal skin you will not stop touching. We bet! Our body lotion is available in a convenient 50ml bottle.


For people wanting lighter texture to hydrate their body, your wish has been granted. Our body milk is a complex of high-performing natural ingredients to hydrate your skin in a matter of skin intensely; it seeps into the skin like a dream. Our body milk is available in a 50ml bottle. We provide the best hotel guest amenities.


Granting heaps of hydration and nourishment, Palmist body butter is the best friend of that patchy, rough skin crying for attention. Our gorgeously rich butter overflowing with skin goodies effectively soothes skin, bolsters skin’s delicate barrier function and unveils luxuriously smoother and cushiony-soft skin you can’t stop gushing about. Our body butter is available in a 50ml bottle. We are the best luxury hotel amenities suppliers in India.


In need of intense hydration but not a fan of thick creams?

You are in luck because we happen to have just what you need. Palmist body yogurt is an explosion of nourishing and moisturising skin goodies to replenish the moisture reservoir in your skin. Yes, it seeps into the skin within seconds to unearth the skin you can’t do without. Our body yogurt is available in a 50ml bottle.


We bet you don’t love a flawless face and rough and dull skin on your body.

No body butter or yogurt works on a skin drowning in a pool of dull and dead skin cells. Remove these with our body scrub that works to slough away dead skin cells eclipsing your inner glow. It moisturises the skin and brightens it from within. Our body scrubs are available in a 50g size.


Ditch all the irritation and itchiness with our sophisticated formulation that respects the delicacy and sensitiveness of the private regions. It balances the pH and kills all irritation- and smell-causing germs and bacteria so that you can focus on the essential things in life. Our intimate wash is available in a 50ml bottle. We provide exceptional housekeeping room amenities.


There is nothing like having a good bath after a stressful long, and hectic day. Let the worries of the day wash away with our powerful blend of all-natural, high-performing ingredients formulated with these specific needs in mind. Our bath salt is available in a 50ml bottle


In such unprecedented times, you can’t afford to be complacent about your hygiene. Take back the control of your hygiene with our sanitiser sprays. Use it anytime, anywhere. Now, you are just a spray away from a healthy life. Our sanitiser sprays are available in 50ml and 18ml sizes for customers’ convenience.


Don’t want to carry a 50ml bottle of sanitiser? We hear you!

We have sanitiser sachets that contain 1.5 and 2ml of sanitiser to meet your hygiene needs just as effectively.


Cleanse away all the germs of the day without sacrificing the skin’s delicate health. Our hand washes balance the skin’s pH, moisturise and give you perfectly clean hands. You can’t ask for more from a hand wash. Our hand washes are available in 50ml and 18ml bottles. We are a manufacturer of complimentary guest toiletries.


Yes, your dry and neglected feet need some TLC, too. Love them equally with our nourishing foot cream that restores the moisture and health of your feet in the gentlest of ways, giving you soft and supple feet. Our foot cream is available for you in a 50g size. You get the best luxury hotel toiletries from Palmist.


It’s common for our feet to be dry and rough because of constant exposure to hard surfaces, germs and bacteria. Scrub away all the dead skin cells and rough and dry patches to unearth a smoother, supple and soft skin you will not be able to resist touching. Our foot scrubs are available in a 50g size.


Soaking your feet in a solution that promotes relaxation and relieves muscle pain can transport you to the heaven of bliss. Well, that’s what our foot salt does — it helps you unwind and enables you to get that yummy and much-needed sleep you ache for. Our foot salt is available in a 50ml bottle. We are manufacturing hospitality amenities.


Envelop yourself in a dazzling cloud of perfume that makes your presence all the more memorable. A scent so distinctively heavenly you can count on it to have compliments come rolling in. Our fragrance is available in 50ml and 18ml bottles.


Fix all your unregular sleep patterns with our pillow spray that promotes serenity and a general sense of well-being and induces yummy sleep by helping release melatonin. Spray it on your pillows and wake up to a well-rested body and mind. Our pillow sprays are available in 50ml and 18ml sizes.


Hop on a journey of ecstasy, bliss and pure relaxation our aroma oils stimulate. Our aroma oils work to create an ambience of serenity, meditation and good vibes to encourage the general well-being we so desperately need. Life can be stressful and chaotic, but it doesn’t always have to be so; our aroma oils help give you the headspace you need to make better life decisions. Take a step back and relax. Our aroma oils are available in a 30ml size.


Inject good vibes into your atmosphere and transform the mundane feel of your room with our one-of-a-kind air freshener. You might walk in the room unhappy but will be sure to walk out happy and joyful because of our air freshener’s mood-lifting abilities. Our air fresheners are available in 50ml and 18ml sizes. We are India’s best guest house amenities suppliers.


Supercharge your cleansing rituals with our non-toxic, bridgeable, non-inflammable, non-hazardous and beautifully fragranced surface cleaner. All it takes is one swipe to disinfect and clean any surface without damaging it in any way. Our surface cleaner is available in 50ml and 18ml sizes for your guest.

While we can supply these products, we can manufacture anything our clients need. We are a manufacturer of hotel facilities and amenities. We are incredibly flexible to meet our clients’ evolving demands. No project is too big or small for us. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure maximum satisfaction and the best odds of success for their products and for them by default.


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