Have a concept you want to bring to life? Well, you are in luck!

Because that’s our expertise.

Palmist is a custom formulation cosmetic manufacturer; we do custom skincare formulation, custom haircare formulation, custom personal care formulation and offer cosmetic formulation services. 

We are fiercely dedicated and tirelessly passionate. We have a whole world of knowledge about product formulations. And, we have advanced equipment along with a wealth of knowledge at our disposal to help you on your business journey.

At Palmist, our licenced and certified (not to mention superbly talented) help bring your ideas for products to life, carefully giving shape to your success story. We listen to your specifications, vision, budget and, most importantly, your values and ethos.

After assessing all the essential aspects of your brand, if possible, we personalise our products to match your needs from our enormous inventory of base formulations. If not possible, we build your products from scratch. Whatever is the case for you, you are sure to get mind-blowing and skin-friendly formulations to match your specifications.

We are a natural cosmetic manufacturer. All our formulations of products are 100% vegan, natural and cruelty-free. 

We have a team of intensively trained, fiercely intelligent, and impressively talented chemists and skin experts who work with you closely to understand your needs for products and help you make the best choices for your brand. We do it all for you, from finding the best ingredients for formulation to packaging the products. We are single-minded about leaving no stone unturned to make your products successful.

We are ambitious but also practical. Palmist is driven by its passion and relentless ambition. However, we also understand the challenges. That’s why we ensure a free flow of information between our clients and us. We believe in long-lasting relationships and transparent communication.

We work tirelessly to help give shape to your dream products. And, if there are any glitches, we try to determine the best way around the problem to ensure the manufacturing process goes smoothly.

There is one more thing we put an infinite amount of emphasis on: our relationship and communication with our clients.

We try to understand our clients on a deeper level. Once armed with the relevant information about our clients, we set out on a journey that ends with the success of your brand.

To put your worried mind at rest, we are proud to say we are ISO certified and FDA-registered. All the products we manufacture are 100% vegan, natural and cruelty-free. 

Let nothing stop your dream products from becoming a reality, and work with us!

Contact us at sales@palmist.net or give us a call at (+91) 7669006909.


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