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  • PALMIST Natural Cocoa Butter Hand Cream

    PALMIST Natural Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
    Palmist Natural Cocoa Butter Hand Cream Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India PALMIST's Natural Cocoa Butter Hand Cream is made with cocoa butter and is safe for your hands. Our deeply moisturising and nourishing hand cream is made with organic cocoa butter, grape seed oil, and Vitamin E, which work together to keep your hands soft and hydrated. It also smells great. Everyone should know about cocoa butter.   What is cocoa butter? Cocoa butter might make you think of chocolate bars, fudge layer cake, and chocolate chip ice cream. It's also used in skin creams and...
  • PALMIST Natural Face Cream

    PALMIST Natural Face Cream
    Palmist Natural Face Cream Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India PALMIST Natural Face Cream Our natural face cream is a water-based moisturiser that doesn't feel heavy on your skin. It's something we reach for every single morning and every single night. With all that repetition, it might be time to switch to a cleaner, greener formula that's good for you and the planet. Even though you can choose a formula made without things you don't want to use, you won't lose out on how it looks, how it works, or how healthy your skin is. We've put...

    Palmist Skin Brightening Serum Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India This rosehip and tamanu oil rich skin brightening serum is a dedicated remedy to get thea bright skin. The collagen building and skin protection properties of rosehip oil goes well with tamanu oil which provides antioxidant properties just like vitamin-E. The vitamin-C rich pomegranate seed oil reduces the dark spots and promotes skin whitening. This ultimate skin brightening serum has a bonus of damask rose essential oil which is a potent antimicrobial agent. The saffron oil whitens and lightens the skin by protecting it against the harmful...
  • PALMIST Natural hair Shampoo

    PALMIST Natural hair Shampoo
    Palmist Natural Hair Shampoo Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India Cleansers may make up to half of the shampoo, so it's critical to select surfactants that are right for your hair. Here are a few things to think about: Surfactant strength: not all surfactants are made equal! A surfactant category (anionic, non-ionic, or amphoteric) determines how it will behave when it comes into touch with your hair and skin. Non-ionic surfactants like decyl and coco glucoside are wonderful options for gentle natural cleansers with foaming capabilities: shampoo's trademark lather isn't just for show! It not only provides...
  • PALMIST Natural Hair Grease

    PALMIST Natural Hair Grease
    Palmist Natural Hair Grease Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India Hair grease, unlike standard moisturizers and conditioners, is an occlusive substance that is applied to dry hair. It creates a protective layer on the outside of the strands, preventing water loss. This keeps hair moisturized and soft for a much longer time. It's ideal for designs like braids, cane rows, wash-and-go, and blowouts since it adds shine holds hair in place and makes it easier to handle. The majority of commercial hair grease is made up of a mixture of petroleum jelly and mineral oil, which is...
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