The face mask is easy to use, fun to apply and gives quick results. A good face mask makes your skin pores tighter & tone lighter with assured hydration for your skin. A variety of face mask comes in the market Facial mask, clay mask, and mask sheets. It delivers highly concentrated vitamins and nutrition to the skin.



The first step of choosing your face mask; is to recognize your skin texture and then create DIY face masks or buy one.

  • Dry skin types should use moisturizing creams or sheet masks. It is believed that the face mask is to be applied overnight for the most effective hydration.
  • Clay and mud-based is appropriate for oily with mixed skin types.
  • The best masks for acne-prone skin are enzyme creams and gel masks.
  • Gel face masks are suitable for sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation.

 You should apply the mask once you find some DIY face masks with benefits that can make your skin better as well as one that works for you. To maximize the efficacy of some masks, you should also massage them to the neck and into your skin.

How to remove a face mask


A mask should not be worn more than 20 minutes at a time, with the exception of those labeled as overnight masks. Wearing them for too long will cause your skin to dry out.

  • Wash them off after a few minutes.
  • After removing the mask with your fingers, lukewarm water should be used to rinse your face.
  • Do not rub too vigorously.
  • Allow your face to air dry after removing the mask.


Want to make your face glow naturally? Then try these DIY face masks for glowing skin made at home:

Hydrating avocado and cocoa mask

Honey, cocoa powder, and avocado are needed to make this mask. This ingredient makes your skin hydrated. Before putting on a face mask, clean your face properly with water.

  • Take an avocado and mash it.
  • Mix cocoa and honey well
  • keep it for 10 to 20 min until it gets dry.
  • Remove it with lukewarm water and moisturize.

Enhancing the quality of the skin


Sheet mask serum is full of vitamins and minerals. These masks also vary in properties according to the ingredients they contain. Keep your complexion clear and glowing while maintaining the tone of your skin. Hydrating agents soak into your skin while you wear the mask, so your skin becomes hydrated and dehydrated.

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