The crowning glory of your appearance is your hair! It's no secret that how you treat your mane impacts how thick, long, and shiny your hair will be, but they are also affected by scalp health - which is often overlooked and disregarded! Nevertheless, there is help at hand, and often the best things to do are also the easiest! Make it easier on yourself with these simple homemade hair care tips, and follow these important dos and don'ts.

Put warm oil on your hair

Grandma was right about this! You can promote scalp health, hair health, and texture, and boost your general well-being by using a warm, natural oil in your hair. Listed below are a few oil options you might want to consider.

Coconut oil

The age-old remedy of coconut oil has been successfully used for years. It is locally available, inexpensive, and effective for all types of hair. Hair becomes soft and supple, split ends are repaired, and hair is grown quickly.

Castor oil

Castor oil is most commonly utilized as a purgative. But l antiviral and antimicrobial properties make it a prevalent treatment for skin issues known as dermatosis as well as parasitic diseases. It’s moreover utilized for hair growth.

Rice water hack for hair

The importance of protein in maintaining a healthy diet is also apparent when it comes to hair health. Rice water contains protein that is believed to improve your hair's overall condition. It makes hair harder, better, faster, stronger.

It is reported that rice water can add lustre to dull hair based on anecdotal evidence from advocates.

Rice water may encourage hair growth thanks to the amino acids that contribute to hair regeneration, and the vitamins C, B, and E it contains. These vitamins aid the hair shaft in strengthening, allowing the hair to grow longer.

Does egg yolk help hair growth?

Vitamins in egg yolk may help hair resist damage. Egg yolk may be particularly useful in moisturizing dry hair. Due to unique combination of vitamins in egg yolks, they can be a superfood for your hair.

The nutrients in egg yolks can be applied topically to your scalp to enhance hair growth. As a result, the new hair is stronger and less likely to break off shed. If you don’t loose as much hair, you’ll notice that your hair grows in thicker. The new hair may even appear to grow faster.

Onion oil benefits

We live hectic lives and consequently have unhealthy eating habits, along with pollution and stress, which are all key factors contributing to hair damage. “onion hair oil “addresses all these issues under one pot. It can be difficult to change your lifestyle quickly, but nourishing your hair with a hair oil can help.

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