We all get chapped lips usually. There is an assortment of reasons, you might involve dry lips. Natural variables like wind and sun and temperature extremes to behaviors like smoking can all dry them out.

Lips scrub will smooth your lips

You may have felt your lips are full of dried and dead skin, but a gentle lip scrub can remove that feeling in a short period of time.

Lips scrub help your lip regenerate cells

It's odd but true! A simple method to keep your lips feeling and looking fresh is to remove the old cells and replace them with new ones.

Your Lips won't crack or dry when you use lip scrub

Using lip scrub can help if you have dry lips or cracked lips. As a result of using it, your mouth becomes moisturized and fresh because the cell is stimulated and the old and dead cells is removed.

Best way to use a lip scrub

Although it is beneficial to use lip scrubs, do not overuse otherwise it will end up hurting yourself more than helping. Although it is beneficial to use lip scrubs, you can overuse them and end up hurting yourself more than helping.

Note that, you should not use lip scrub more than twice a week.

Can lip scrub makes your lips pink?

Using one may cause your lip to appear pinker than normal and this could be due to a number of factors.  Lips will appear pink if it's tinted pink. There's also a possibility that stimulation of the lips may increase your lip's blood flow, which makes them appear pinker.

Benefits of sugar lip scrub

you can exfoliate your skin with a sugar scrub, having exfoliated skin means removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. It encourages cellular turnover and brings healthier skin to the surface.

Hydrate the lip skin with kukui oil. It contains natural fatty acids and essential vitamins A, C, and E hydrate your skin and lips, and relieves dryness. The fact that our scrubs are formulated with kukui nut oil is one of favourite thing.

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