You will find oily skin in most people and it is a very common skin type. Although you can not change your skin type but applying some remedies and following some daily skincare routine change maintain your oily skin to like normal skin. Visiting expensive parlors makes your skin glow for some little time, but home remedies will never let your skin glow down.


Apply toner to clean your skin as it removes oil from your face before sleeping. For Oily skin use product that contain hydroxy acid (glycolic acid), Hyaluronic acid these are effective in controlling  excess oil, waxy substances produced by your body.


A wide variety of face masks are available on the market, each created to meet a unique skin requirement. It is also possible to treat oily skin with certain facial masks, but you must ensure that they contain ingredients such as:

Honey: Keeping the skin healthy and glowing can be achieved by using natural honey, which has antibacterial properties.

Clay: When trying to get rid of excess oil, without harming your skin, clay is a great choice. Clay is known for its great absorption qualities.

Blueberry: Contains antioxidant properties, blueberry masks enhance the skin’s radiance by balancing excess sebum production.


In a toxic environment, eating junk, beverages and an unhealthy diet causes physical Imbalance. Drinking water and being hydrated a day is the best way of body skincare that makes your skin glow naturally. A gallon of water a day keep skin dryness away.


A moisturizer like aloe makes the skin feel smooth without feeling greasy, so it is suitable for those with oily skin. In addition, it soothes your skin, resulting in a smooth, even complexion. Among its numerous antioxidants are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which contribute to improving the firmness of the skin and keeping it moisturized.


Genetics and hormones are hard to control when they contribute to oily skin. By practicing consistent skincare and preventing unhealthy foods such as sugary foods, processed foods, and fried foods, you can boost your skin’s appearance. When oily skin is present, it’s tempting to cover it up with heavy cosmetics, but this can aggravate the problem. Makeup, especially foundation, should be reduced when oily skin acts up. Rather than oil-based products, choose water-based ones.

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