Palmist is best sanitizer manufacturer in India has the best range of hand sanitizers as it focuses on producing the best quality products for its customers. Palmist is one of the best options for the customers in the market to buy sanitizers as all the sanitizers manufactured by palmist are 100% made from natural ingredients. Palmist just not only focuses on manufacturing the sanitizers in India but also focuses on exporting these sanitizers out of India. We have a Global customer base located in different parts of the world such as North America and Malaysia. In this current situation of covid-19 sanitizers have taken a peak in production as well as the sales in the market.
Covid-19 has created the need to use sanitizers frequently by the people to protect themselves from the unfortunate virus that is spreading all across the world. To help people fight this covid-19 virus, Palmist has stepped up to help people by protecting them from various viruses. Palmist has launched this range of sanitizers which fulfill the different needs of the customers. Palmist is a beauty care product company that works under its own brand name. It has a wide variety of skincare and hygiene products which are made of pure natural extract, and all its products are paraben and sulfate-free; it does not have any harmful chemicals and has absolutely no side effects for any skin type; in this COVID-19 situation, where every household is well aware of the situation in the world and are taking their full precautions to safeguard themselves as well as people around them.


It is one of the top hand sanitizer manufacturers in India

It is one of the top hand sanitizer manufacturers in India
At this point, the key aspects to keep in mind are wearing a mask out in crowded places and constantly cleaning our hands either using a hand wash or sanitizer. Palmist sanitizers are one of the best wholesale sanitizer suppliers across India, which provides herbal hand sanitizers. It is one of the top hand sanitizer manufacturers in India and manufacturers in bulk to their wholesale suppliers. Palmist is a beauty care product company that has been manufacturing the best sanitizers across Delhi at a very reasonable and wholesale price in Delhi. These sanitizers are made from the pure natural extract and are best suited for all skin types. Palmist is a bulk hand sanitizer provider which does not only focuses on producing wholesale products but also focuses on the quality of the products for their customer satisfaction.

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B2B-Our Global Customer Base

B2B-Our Global Customer Base
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Palmist products are tried and tested in the laboratories and are certified by ISO, which also gives a surety that our products do not cause any harm to the consumer. Our products are also certified by FDA, CE, M.SAFE and are dermatologist tested by experts. 

About Palmist Hand Sanitizers

Palmist is the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in Delhi, India, as it does not have any harmful chemicals and is sulfate and paraben-free. It mostly focuses on its ingredients that makes it best suitable for all skin types as all the ingredients 100% natural and can suit every skin type of the customer. 
We have focused on researching the sanitizer through various research centers to determine the ingredients which are best suitable for the root cause faced by the customers. All the products of Palmist are ISO certified and are dermatologist tested in the laboratories to ensure you the transparency offer products. All the ingredients used in palmistry products are transparently displayed on the packaging of the products for the customers to gain confidence in a company.
About Palmist Hand Sanitizers
Palmist provides a different range of hand sanitizers, some of which also do not include any alcohol and are 100% made from natural ingredients such as name Tulsi and aloe vera. These sanitizers are alcohols free and thus do not dries your hands but moisturizers them as it includes natural plant extracts which help in providing minerals and vitamins to the skin. Palmist has specially launched these sanitizers for customers who have sensitive skin and dry skin to help them fight with a covid virus and also moisture in their skin.
Apart from alcohol-free sanitizers, Palmist has also launched sanitizers for kids; these sanitizers have interesting cartoon characters on the packaging of the sanitizer which attracts heads and motivates them to use more frequently. The packaging of the sanitizers is very portable and can easily be carried by your kid. These come in a spray form which ensures them to be spill-free. Palmist has also launched this sanitizer in a regular range apart from the kids’ range of sanitizers. 

Palmist sanitizers is that it is made up of 100% natural

The USP of Palmist sanitizers is that it is made up of 100% natural plant extract and is available in different packaging which makes it convenient for the customers to choose what is the best alternative suitable for them. The pocket sanitizers launched by Palmist are compact and easy to handle which is the most eye-catching part of the product. They are specially designed in travel size packaging for the customer’s ease.
The packaging of all the palmist products includes all the information about the product which also includes its ingredients which shows that all the products specified by Palmist do not include any kind of harmful chemicals and also are sulfate and paraben-free which has no side effect on the consumer’s skin. Adding onto it, all the products of Palmist are made by keeping in mind all the unique types of skin of the customers, and thus every product has different variants that are available for all the different skin types. We are a beauty care brand, and we focus on providing the best possible product that solves our customer’s skin-related problems. Our products are tried and tested in the laboratories and are certified by ISO which also gives a surety that our products do not cause any harm to the consumer. 

Need for hand sanitizers

Need for hand sanitizers
In the current situation of covid-19, the need for sanitizers has rapidly increased. Nowadays, sanitizers are the most common product carried by every person as they want to ensure safety from the new covid-19 virus spreading all across the world. This coronavirus was started around February 2020 in India, and since then, the need for sanitizers has rapidly increased. The production and consumption of sanitizers have increased as it is the most convenient way of sanitizing your hands without any hassle and to clean up all the germs and viruses from our hands. 
There is no doubt that soap and water serve the same purpose of cleaning your hands and protecting your hands from various viruses and bacteria, but sanitizers are a more convenient way of performing the same task without any hassle. People usually prefer sanitizers over soap and water as it is readily available and serve the purpose equally.

What makes Palmist the best option in the market best sanitizer manufacturer in India

Benefits of using palmist sanitizers
Benefits of using palmist sanitizers
  1. Palmist’s range of sanitizers is made of 100% natural ingredients which do not include any harmful chemical such as paraben and sulfate. 
  2. This helps in protecting your hands from harmful viruses without damaging your hands and also moisturizing them at the same time.
  3. The sanitizer contains natural ingredients and thus does not have a disturbing smell. Rather it has a very soothing natural fragrance.
  4. These palmist sanitizers are available in two different variants that are alcohol-free and another one which contains alcohol. Both of the sanitizers a the same purpose, and I’m made of natural ingredients. 
  5. The sanitizer that contains alcohol helps in ensuring the bacteria and viruses and provides consumers with maximum security and safety.
  6. Palmist alcohol-free sanitizer’s also insurance killing bacteria and viruses vile moisturizing your hands with natural ingredients.
  7. These sanitizers help in reducing the risk of catching the covid-19 virus, which is rapidly spreading at these times.
  8. As these sanitizers are made of natural ingredients, they do not contain any harsh, irritating smell of chemicals which disturb our nose.
  9. The natural ingredients contained in the sanitizers have antioxidant properties that help in the cleansing process of the hand form easily without any harm to the skin of the customers.

Why does a customer choose palmist sanitizer?

Why does a customer choose palmist sanitizer?
Palmist is one of the best beauty care and best sanitizer manufacturer in India. Customers choose palmist products as they are 100% made of natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals such as paraben or sulphur. Palmist is a transparent beauty care company which ensures showcasing all the ingredients used to manufacture the products, which helps in building customer confidence and satisfaction to the users. Palmist focuses on reaching out to as many consumers as possible, and that is why it focuses on customer satisfaction by providing them a quality product. Palmist range of sanitizers come in a variety of different packaging and offers, which helps the consumer to choose the best alternative for them.
As Palmist focuses on reaching out to more consumers, it keeps there price of the products competitive to the market. Apart from providing quality products to the customer’s Palmist also focuses on providing them the products as soon as possible, that means the delivery of the products does not take much time. 
Usually, the customer is more satisfied with the services of the company; Palmist has ensured that all the customers have accessibility to receive their orders on time, track their orders or return their orders if not satisfied. Palmist has a lenient return policy for its customers as it mainly focuses on the satisfaction of the customers.


we are first pocket friendly skin care and hygiene item manufacturer company in india
Palmist focuses on providing the best product quality at a pocket-friendly rate for their products. It targets to gather a wide range of customers and plans to fulfil their needs through their products. This feature of the products makes it easy for the customers to get their hands on good quality natural products at a very affordable price. Palmist wants to provide quality products to all its customers and hence does not wish to compromise in any aspect of the product. In conclusion, one should give it a try and buy this new range of sanitizers that comes in a variety of fragrances made from natural plant extracts such as aloe vera, neem, tulsi, and another flower extract.
This sanitizer comes in different variants that serve the need and wants of the customers. These sanitizers have no side effects on the customer’s skin and are suitable for all skin types, from very sensitive to normal. They are relatively budgeting-friendly and can be found in different packaging and offers of bottles or spray. Palmist focuses on giving the best to its customers and thus offers these sanitizers at a very reasonable price, as it plans to target every customer in the society to stay fit and healthy, especially in these unfortunate times where wearing a mask and using sanitizers have become a routine of every household. Therefore, Palmist eagers people to be wise and make wise decisions for themselves and the lives around them. 

We are the best sanitizer manufacturer in India we manufacture the different types of sanitizer in bulk quantity, here are all of the sanitizers whose’s information is given below

Sanitizer sachet manufacturer

Sanitizer sachet manufacturer
Palmist is hand sanitizer manufacturers which manufactures the best hand sanitizer in India these hand sanitizers are manufactured in bulk. These herbal hand sanitizers are manufactured in small sachets which fit easily into the pockets of the customers and make it easy to carry. Palmist hand sanitizer sachet is the best hand sanitizer manufactured in India as its packaging is very unique and convenient to use. The sanitizer comes in a variety of different fragrances, all these fragrances of these sanitizers are made up of natural plant extracts such as neem, tulsi, brace, and aloe vera. This top hand sanitizer manufacturer of India deals in supplying sanitizers wholesale in Delhi and are the best herbal hand sanitizer manufacturers.

Pocket sanitizer manufacturer

This wholesale supplier of hand sanitizer in Delhi also deals and supplying pockets sanitizers in bulk. These sanitizers come in a very portable packaging which is easy to use and convenient to carry as it fits into small pockets of any clothing of the customer and this packaging of this product is compact size and makes it easy to travel with. It also fits in any pocket of the clothing or even the wallets of the customers. These herbal hand sanitizer manufacturers also supply pocket sanitizer in bulk and they are available in a variety of fragrances which are made from pure natural plant extracts such as neem, tulsi, aloe vera, brace, and other flower extracts.

Hand sanitizer manufacturer

Hand sanitizer manufacturer
Palmist is also a bulk hands sanitizer supplier for hospital supplies, as these places are much in need of hand sanitizer wholesale suppliers. These sanitizers are made up of 100% natural pure extra plant extracts which do not include any kind of harmful chemicals and is sulfate-free and paraben-free. Alcohol is the main product of this sanitizer and helps in cleansing the hands and killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria from the hands. Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a gel-based hand sanitizer that contains 70% alcohol which also helps in eliminating the unwanted strong smell of alcohol. These ingredients used in palmist hand sanitizer make it the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in India. 

Surface sanitizer manufacturer

Surface sanitizer manufacturer
Palmist surface sanitizer is the best sanitizer in the market as it is used to sanitize flat surfaces in and around places. These sanitizers are non-sticky as it evaporates and leaves no residue on the customers’ skin without making the skin dry. The sanitizers come in a spray form and are manufactured by palmist on a wholesale basis across India. It the best way to disinfect wooden floors as another alcohol-based sanitizer would have not worked well on woods. These come packed with convenience and good ingredients that make cleaning feel like an experience instead of an obligation. These sanitizers are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals which makes them the best surface sanitizers supplied in Delhi, India

Alcohol Based Sanitizer wipes manufacturer

Alcohol Based Sanitizer wipes manufacturer
Palmist also is a wholesale producer of sanitizer wipes which comes in a form of wet tissue papers that contain sanitizers, this makes sanitizing your hands very easy to use. This best hand sanitizer manufacturer in India also manufactures sanitizer wipes for its customers to give their customers a wide variety to choose from according to their convenience. These wet sanitizer wipes come in cotton sheets socked in just the right amount of sanitizers that serve perfectly of the purpose it is meant for and also saves from any leakage. These palmist sanitizer wipes are a multi-purpose product which can be used for various reasons such as cleaning hand, sanitizing hands, wiping the surface like door handles, car handle, lift buttons and many similar places.

Alcohol free sanitizer manufacturer

Alcohol free sanitizer manufacturer
Apart from manufacturing the best hand sanitizer in bulk, Palmist is also a top manufacturer of alcohol-free sanitizers supplied in India. These alcohol-free sanitizers manufactured in India are reduced from 100% natural plant extracts and do not have any side effects to the skin of their customers. Palmist range of alcohol-free sanitizers is made up of natural anti-oxidant products which do not let your hand damage and protects at the same time making them soft and grease-free. Though these sanitizers do not contain alcohol they still serve the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses by using different herbal extracts. It contains different kinds of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin. These ingredients have moisturizing properties and illuminate the skin by providing the essential oils to the skins

Alcohol free wipes manufacturer

Alcohol free wipes manufacturer
Palmist also produces alcohol-free sanitizer wipes which are similar to regular sanitizer wipes but do not contain alcohol. The sanitizer wipes not only helps in killing virus and bacteria but also helps in moisture raising the skin of the customers. As the sanitizer wipes are alcohol-free it does not have any side effect or does not leave your skin dry. Although these sanitizers do not contain alcohol they still serve the purpose of killing bacteria and viruses by using different herbal extracts. It contains different kinds of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that help in deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin. The different kind of essential oil helps in providing fresh citrus fragrance to the sanitizers and has antioxidant properties which help to fight with the various viruses and bacteria and leaves the customers skin moisturized.

Pan India Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer and Supplier, We are Provide Service to Every Rural and Urban Area Of India, we are cover up all states and Union territory of india

Palmist is an Indian brand that has solely dedicated itself towards the production and supply of hand sanitizers all over India. With our head office based in the central city Delhi, we have a well connected network with all cities and parts of the country that helps us in effectively providing supplies to the market. We have been supplying people all over the country with our quality disinfectant products and hygiene care supplies. Our brand reaches to the far away corners of the country with its vast number of customers and services.

All States

  1. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Andhra Pradesh
  2. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Assam
  4. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Bihar
  5. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Chhattisgarh
  6. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Goa
  7. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Gujarat
  8. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Haryana
  9. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Himachal Pradesh
  10. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Jharkhand
  11. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Karnataka
  12. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Kerala
  13. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh
  14. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Maharashtra
  15. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Manipur
  16. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Meghalaya
  17. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Mizoram
  18. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Nagaland
  19. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Odisha
  20. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Punjab
  21. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Rajasthan
  22. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Sikkim
  23. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Tamil Nadu
  24. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Telangana
  25. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Tripura
  26. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh
  27. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttarakhand
  28. Sanitizer Manufacturer in West Bengal

Union Territories

  1. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Andaman and Nicobar
  2. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Chandigarh
  3. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman Diu
  4. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Delhi
  5. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Jammu and Kashmir
  6. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Ladakh
  7. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Lakshadweep
  8. Sanitizer Manufacturer in Puducherry
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