Best Sanitizer in India

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Best sanitizer in India Top hand sanitizer in India

Best sanitizer in India Top hand sanitizer in India

Palmist Cares India is among the list of best hand sanitizer brands in India also Best sanitizer in India. Everybody nowadays is in search of the best hand sanitizer which can provide overall protection to their family from harmful germs and viruses. As hand Sanitizer is among the most sought of products in the market. Whilst the outbreak of the pandemic has proven to be a tremendous jump in the sales of the pharma industry in the last few months.

Now that we all have to deal with new sorts of health hazards, viruses, and fungi daily the importance of hand hygiene has also increased. People all around the globe are becoming more aware of health-related issues and want some permanent solution against these newly formed viruses. And in between all this chaos, it becomes really difficult to find products which can provide protection as well as care. To help our customers with this concern Palmist manufacturers products which are tough on the virus and gentle on hands. The hand sanitizer range is curated by keeping in mind all your needs. 

We are a home-grown hand sanitizer brand that is known all over Delhi NCR for the best in quality hand sanitizers. As a healthcare and beauty care brand, we focus on creating Wellness products that suit all types of skin and at the same time are affordable. Palmist is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and exporter of the best liquid hand sanitizer in India. For our affordable prices and unmatched finest quality products, we have been recognized as a global success. The products manufactured at our production units have also been approved by several control quality check organizations which makes us a certified safe brand. 

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Hand sanitizers ‘Made in India’

If we take out some time and think about the various things, we touch throughout a day we will get to know that with every object we touch we increase the risk of getting infected by a coronavirus. Our hands which are the center of all activities can easily become the reason for the transmission of diseases. And these diseases can easily affect us as well as our families. Therefore, it becomes really important to use hand sanitizers to wipe off all the unwanted germs and bacteria that may put our life at risk.

We all know but time is crucial and we all need to play all roles very seriously. Palmist being the leading healthcare brand understands the responsibility of standing by the countrymen’s side. since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been producing and supplying cheap at price yet best in quality hand sanitizers throughout the country. We are a brand name that locally produces export quality best hand sanitizers in India. On our part, we are contributing towards countries welfare by manufacturing alcohol content hand sanitizers and supplying them throughout the country at affordable rates.

We are a trusted local brand that produces the best sanitizer in India for hands. Palmist resolves to contribute towards the upliftment of small-scale local industries by participating in the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign and the ‘Make in India’ movement. Moreover, we are trying to gain recognition for the age-old sciences like Ayurveda which define our country’s advancement. At this point, we are at a very crucial stage where the country is trying to battle the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and therefore needs the support of local brands like Palmist. 

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Cheap and Best sanitizer Range in India

At the present moment throughout the country, many brands are producing hand sanitizers and other sanitation essentials. There are several small and big names in the hand sanitizer business all over India which makes it difficult for the consumers to decide upon which can be the best sanitizer in the Indian market. In the market and on several online stores there are thousands of brands that claim themselves to be the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India online. But in reality, if a brand sells cheap products, they are later found out to be inferior in quality or a good quality hand sanitizer being sold at very high rates.

Whereas at Palmist India we have created a range of cheap and best sanitizers in India. People looking for the best smelling hand sanitizer or a low-priced sanitizer in the Indian market can find their best fit among our range of products. Beginning from the best spray hand sanitizer in India to the best liquid hand sanitizers in India we have it all. Palmist range of sanitization essentials is one of the unique and thoughtfully created in the Indian market.


Range of Our Alcohol-based Products

Palmist Protection rinse-free cleanser

Palmist Protection rinse-free cleanser– this is one of the best liquid hand sanitizers in India. This product is an alcohol-based hand rub or hand sanitizer which provides instant protection. the Palmist rinse-free cleanser it’s an herbal blend that gives you clean hands without soap and water and kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. This formulation is made of a 70% alcohol-based solution which provides smooth hands and also protects from infection. This product has a non-sticky formulation that prevents irritation and has a skin-friendly formula. The sanitizers come in a combo pack of two bottles 500 ml each and are available in exotic fragrances.

Promised alcohol-based hand sanitizer 5-liter refill can

Promised alcohol-based hand sanitizer 5-liter refill can– this product is the best sanitizer in India 5 litres. As sanitizers have become and product the daily use many people prefer to buy are 5-liter refill packs to avoid the hassle of buying small bottles now and then. This is the best hand sanitizer gel in India which comes in a non-sticky hygienic formulation and helps you kill germs and bacteria. this Palmist and sanitizer are made of 70% Isopropyl alcohol hand rub solution which is safe for use. These packs can be used for refilling small bottles. These are ideal for use in hospitals, schools, offices, and gyms.

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Palmist antibacterial hand sanitizer

Palmist antibacterial hand sanitizer-In the era of discomfort and growing risk of infections everyone needs to have hand sanitizer at all times. Promised alcohol-based hand sanitizers also come in a pump pack. These hand sanitizer packs contain alcohol-concentrated hand sanitizer gel which is non-sticky and provides instant protection. these non-sticky hand rub formulations come in different fragrances. These are elegant alcohol-based hand sanitizer bottles all put together in a pack of two bottles 300 ml each.

Palmist Pocket Size Alcohol sanitizer sachet

Palmist Pocket Size Alcohol sanitizer sachet– for your convenience has created a thoughtful product that comes in a use and throws pouch. These sachets consist of 1.5ml gel which ensures hand hygiene and kills 99.99% of viruses. this is a substitute for the conventional hand sanitizer bottles and can be stored in a compact space. These pocket-sized sachets are easy to carry and have a shelf life of approx. 36 months. They have an easy-to-tear design and hence can be used anywhere at any time. In addition to their low storage space, they are formulated with herbal blends which have Neem, Lemon Aloe Vera, Tulsi, and Mint. These are available in a pack of 5000 sachets 1.5 ml each.

Palmist hand sanitizer gel

Palmist hand sanitizer gel- These products are counted among the best alcohol-based sanitizer in India. This formulation of palmist hand sanitizer gel contains a minimum of 70% alcohol. it comes in flowery fragrances of blueberry and melon. Hand sanitizer comprises natural ingredients that clean hands and moisturizes them. Available in a combo pack of two 500 ml each.

Palmist Max alcohol-based hand rub gel

Palmist Max alcohol-based hand rub gel– This Palmist Max alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer gel is supplied in a pump pack. Made with the neighborhood Ayurveda proven herbal ingredients the sanitizer that’s as a savior. The formulation contains 70% alcohol concentration which is ideally suggested by various medical organizations throughout the world. it gives cleaner and smoother hands. And also gives you freedom from the regular foul-smelling hand sanitizers. Sold in a combo pack of 2 bottles 500ml each.

Palmist Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (200ml)

Palmist Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer (200ml)– this product is sold in attractive spill proof bottles of 200ml each. It has a unique combination that kills bacteria instantly. It has a rinse free formula with no added colours and no harmful chemicals.  Available in a pump pack combo of 3 fragrances.

Palmist Multi-Fragrance Alcohol Based Hand Rub Hand Sanitizer

Palmist Multi-Fragrance Alcohol Based Hand Rub Hand Sanitizer– This hand rub gives instant germ protection sanitizer in a Pack Any of 6 x 50ml. Comes in 3 amazing scents of brace, Tezuka and lemon. Put in a spill-safe flip cap bottle.

Best spray hand sanitizer in India

Presently hand sanitizer mist packaging has become a popular choice among all consumers. So, at Palmist Cares we have designed a special range of products which suits the need of all our consumers. Check out the unique product range of spray sanitizers. 

Palmist Pocket Multi-purpose sanitizer spray (18ml each)

Palmist Pocket Multi-purpose sanitizer spray (18ml each)- many people who have jobs that involve an extensive amount of traveling and tours. Or for that matter, if someone goes out to buy grocery essentials from the market an easy-to-carry pocket hand sanitizer spray becomes important. Thus, Palmist has tried to bring protection to fit into your pockets easily for use at any place at any time. Palmist pocket multi-purpose sanitizer spray which contains a minimum of 18ml solution comes in a combo pack of four. The sanitizer solutions consist of approximately 250 sprays per 18ml pack. They are skin-friendly and come in fragrances like Tezuka, Brace, and our signature fragrance (which is Shahi Gulab). Moreover, these card bottle packs easily fit in your pocket and can be used for various purposes like cleaning hands, any gadgets, or small surfaces.

Palmist alcohol-based sanitizer spray- this hand sanitizer spray is easy to carry the product. The hand sanitizer liquid is made with herbal blends which give instant protection without soap and water. This non-sticky liquid sanitizer praise comes in a combo of 5 bottles 100ml each. The Palmist alcohol content sanitizer spray not only provides instant protection but also Comes in many soothing fragrances like melon, brace with lightweight portable packaging.

Palmist hand sanitizer spray

Palmist hand sanitizer spray- this hand sanitizer spray is counted among the best sanitizers in India for hands. This product provides on the go protection from germs and infections. It is a maximum sanitation product that is alcohol-based and rinse-free. Gives hassle-free cleaning and can also be used for cleaning surfaces. Palmist hand sanitizer spray has also been made available in a pack of two or 500ml each. the product is travel-friendly and spill-proof.

Palmist Pocket kids herbal hand rub spray

Palmist Pocket kids herbal hand rub spray– Your kids need extra protection and care. Therefore, Palmist has come up with an exclusive range of herbal hand sanitizers for kids which comes in a combo of four sanitizers. This alcohol-free formulation is specially created for babies and kids. It is harsh on germs and provides instant protection to your kid against coronavirus another infection-causing germs. The product is safe for use, long-lasting, and comes in a portable alcohol-free hand rub formulation. That product has been made in attractive packaging and everything as several funky cartoon characters printed on the pack. Because the product is easy to carry it helps to build the habit of cleanliness in your child. we sell this product in a combo of four 18 ML each pack card bottle spray.

Palmist Pocket Hand Sanitizer Spray

Palmist Pocket Hand Sanitizer Spray (Combo of 4 Piece Brace Fragrance)- This hand rub is as handy as a sachet. It is in a spray packaging which is durable and leakage free. Comes in the exotic fragrance of brace which is naturally extracted.  Available in pocket size card bottles.

Palmist Multi-Fragrance Hand Sanitizer

Palmist Multi-Fragrance Hand Sanitizer- (Pack Any of 12 card bottles x 18ml) Portable Pocket Packs effectively kills 99.99% germs. Product is rinse and bleach free travel friendly provide instant protection from infections.

Hand Sanitizer in India with 70% alcohol 

Over everything that matters is quality. At Palmist production units we make sure that we produce the best in quality products that suit every skin type. As we focus on putting together the natural ingredients which are good for the skin. For export quality products we are considered the best hand sanitizer in India. The World Health Organisation suggests that the ideal alcohol concentration of hand sanitizer should be at least 60%. Our alcohol-based sanitizers have an additional 10% alcohol which makes for 70% alcohol. therefore, we have seen a growth in demand for our quality products.

Palmist products are affirmed by Several health control organizations like ISO, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CDC, CE, and M. SAFE. Due to the use of natural extracts in the products the brand has been dermatologically recommended for being safe on all skin types.

we have priority customer satisfaction and a customer service policy which makes us the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in India. Additionally, are low priced products and easy retail plans with heavy discounts make us the first choice of all wholesale dealers in and around Delhi NCR. You also have a market share in sanitizers in countries like North America and Malaysia.

Why Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Is The Best Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer In India

Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading private label cosmetic manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. Established in 2019, we deal with premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and pan-India supply of items. We have an international customer base as well. Invest your money and trust in us for third-party production. Reach us via mail or give us a call at +91 7669006909

To know more, call us at +91-7669006909 or send us an email at

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