Sanitizer Manufacturer in Punjab

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Sanitizer Manufacturer in Punjab, Palmist Sanitizer Manufacturer in India

Sanitizer Manufacturer in Punjab, Palmist Sanitizer Manufacturer in India

Palmist Cares is a large-scale brand hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab. The company is one of India’s leading skincare, healthcare and disinfectant manufacturing brands that aims at providing its customers with overall protection through its vast variety of products. Palmist was started up as a venture to promote home-grown small-scale industries by using the expertise of scientifically proven old Indian sciences. The brand since its beginning has had the prime aim of giving its best in terms of quality and safety. Our company majorly manufacturers hand disinfectants, skincare products- body lotion, body wash, scrub, etc, and a range of hair care products.

We have functioned as a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab from the beginning of the global health crisis that is coronavirus pandemic. Palmist as a hygiene care brand understands the strong relation between effective hand hygiene and prevention from diseases. So, to make people more cautious about the effects of hygiene we manufacture hand sanitizers at affordable rates to make the tedious task of sanitation easier.

The task of spreading awareness about growing health concerns and their relation with hand hygiene was fuelled up with the transmission of coronavirus in the early months of 2020. The visible effects of the pandemic combined with the fear of transmission of the disease made people follow the rule of sanitization more closely. Although the pandemic is just a phase the importance of cleanliness will always remain. Therefore, the company resolves to give its contribution towards saving lives by a small step taken the habit of hygiene and effective cleanliness.

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Effective Hand Sanitizer in Amritsar

Punjab is one of India’s economically important states as it acts as the center for the production of agricultural crops. The state has a large land area, and a huge population inhabits the borders of this place. The huge population of the state needs a chain of good hand sanitizer manufacturers in Punjab established within its vicinity. There are a couple of brands that produce hand sanitizer it supplies it within the state. Among the brands, a reliable hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab that produces effective hand sanitizers is Palmist Cares, India.

Popularly known cities of Punjab namely Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Pathankot, Mohali, Ludhiana, Patiala, and the other cities have a huge population count. Following the number of people residing in the state, the number of effective hand sanitizer manufacturers in Punjab is low. To keep a track of the equal distribution of hand disinfectants among the population of this area many hands disinfectant manufacturers in Punjab have opened local production units. The opening of local production units within Punjab makes it easier to supply products to the market even in the tough restrictions laid down during nationwide lockdowns.

The list of effective brand hand sanitizer manufacturers in Punjab is topped by Palmist. Apart from other effective hand sanitizer-producing brands, our brand Palmist is a trustworthy name. We attempt to create the most effective hand sanitizer formulations sold out in the Indian market. The superior quality of our hand disinfectants makes us the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab and on the national level also.

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Large Scale Sanitizer Manufacturer in Punjab

The number of large quantity BEST SANITIZER MANUFACTURER IN INDIA is few. Palmist is one of the leading names of hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab. We produce hand sanitizers on a big scale as we provide/ trade our products to all parts of India. Aside from keeping a check on the quantity of hand sanitizer production we also manage the safety level of all our products including hand disinfectants. 

All Palmist hand disinfectants and skincare products’ range is made with some of the finely chosen ingredients and plant concentrates. Each product formulation is a blend of selective essential chemicals and purely obtained natural materials. Palmist alcohol-based sanitizers made with supreme quality alcohol is combined with natural antibacterial plant extracts such as Tulsi and Neem that kill bacteria naturally. The hand sanitizers are also infused with natural hydrants like glycerine and aloe vera to nourish the skin and give it overall protection. 

Because we also deal in making skincare products, therefore, we understand the value of preventing skin damage and providing it with the best nourishment. For the benefit of the skin, we do not add any harmful chemicals to our products. We are the only hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab that pizza hand sanitizer formula which is free of any harmful chemicals such as paraben and sulfates. The absence of synthetic substances and harsh chemicals deems our product fit for all kinds of skin. Palmist trademark is a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab that produces the safest products.

Assorted Range of Products

Our brand not only holds the spot of a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab but trades its products in all the parts of India. We also sell some of our products to countries abroad. This accounts for the large customer base we have in different parts of the world. The large customer base consists of a number of individuals with different preferences and needs. The vast choices and preferences of individuals make it challenging for us to create a disinfectant or any other product for that matter in such a way that it suits all of them. 

Creative experts working with us have designed different sorts of packaging for all needs and experienced chemists work on creating distinct formulations for different skin types. The products are specially made without the use of any toxins so that they can be easily used by anyone and people of all age groups. The product packs also come in various shapes and sizes to complement the variable utility purposes of all individuals. The assorted range of products dispatched by the Palmist hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab contains fine spray packaging, pump packaging to a long list of portable hand sanitizer packaging. Alongside the products put it in the budget of all the customers.  

Many multipurpose products are also included in our product catalog. 

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Wholesale Extensive Supplier and Distributor

Indian brand Palmist apart from being a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab also serves people by distributing its products throughout the country. From selling our products in cities of Punjab namely Amritsar, Jalandhar, Mohali to being the largest supplier and distributor in Delhi NCR we have been setting benchmarks with our product quality and customer services. We supply our effective hand rubs to hospitals and medical care centers that treating people and helping them in overcoming the effects of coronavirus. 

The immense quantity of sanitizer production facilitates the task of distributing the products at affordable rates to the interested buyers and shopkeepers. The prices of Palmist powerful hand sanitizers are probably the most economic rates among all the branded products sold in the Indian market. The prices have been fixed at a lower point so that it can be easy for all customers to obtain our products without any excessively burdening expense. 

Reputed wholesalers and hand sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab are highly sought for searches on the Internet. There are several individuals living within the vicinity of Punjab and looking for a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab. Our company follows a non-negotiable transparency policy and has a high customer satisfaction rate that brings us to the spot of the best hand sanitizer manufactured in India. The export quality products made by us are shipped in large amounts to countries like North America and its other parts. 

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Reach us

We provide our services as a sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab as well as help interested buyers and shopkeepers in obtaining the bulk orders of products at wholesale prices and huge concessions. Customers looking for a wholesale sanitizer manufacturer in Punjab can contact us by sending us an email at You can directly give us a call at (+91) 7669006909. 

Palmist Online

Considering the problems currently faced by people due to the pandemic has allowed us to put up our products for sale on online platforms as well. The whole range of Palmist products can be obtained from leading online stores. Our products can be easily spotted on and Flipkart. The range of our products is available on India Mart also. We take up bulk orders to our website 


Q. Which alcohol the used in the Palmist alcohol-based sanitizer? 

Ans. The Palmist alcohol base sanitizer contains ethanol or rubbing alcohol. 

Q. Are there any disinfectant products that can be used for kids?  Ans. Yes, Palmist has a special range of alcohol-free sanitizers made for the delicate skin of kids.

Why Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Is The Best Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer In India

Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading private label cosmetic manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. Established in 2019, we deal with premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and pan-India supply of items. We have an international customer base as well. Invest your money and trust in us for third-party production. Reach us via mail or give us a call at +91 7669006909

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