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Palmist Skin Care Products, Best Natural Skin Care Product in India

Palmist Skin Care Products, Best Natural Skin Care Product in India

Modern lifestyle and hectic lifestyle demand for use of skin care products for maintaining good skin. From exotically fragranced face washes to clinically proven serum, a daily beauty care regime might cost a lot. Yet skin care becomes an important part of our daily life as aging gracefully is something that people look forward to. Effective skin care involves many steps including identify the skin type, finding the best products for your skin type, choosing products out of the various brands in the market and then finally, following the routine without fail. The whole process from the selection of products to appropriately using them needs a lot of attention.


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As vast as the variety of skin care products and their uses are similar is the variety of brands and companies selling these products in the market. The larger is the number of brands in the market, the more difficult it becomes for the customers to choose the best fit for themselves. The outnumbering list of skin care product brands results in the hike of skin care prices of the products increasing to a great extent. It is often seen that buyers face difficulty in finding a good quality product that also fits in their budget.

To help the customers simultaneously with both the price and quality of the product Indian brand Palmist Cares manufactures skin care products for women and men at affordable prices. Palmist is known for its export-quality hand sanitizer products also innovates new formulations in skincare.

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India-Made Skin Care Products

The number of international skin care brands ruling the markets is astonishing. Even though the homeland of India has kept various secrets of beauty and skin care intact for generations, yet we fail to make a space for them in the actual market. Most of these international beauty care brands are known for making products that are full of chemicals and synthetic variants of naturally effective substances. Whereas Palmist Cares, which is a skin care brand of solely Indian origin re-invents the ancient secrets of Ayurveda to construct arrange that is completely carved out of nature’s goodness.

The herbal range of skin care products manufactured by Palmist is a proportionate combination of Ayurveda-inspired beauty treatment methods and results found by modern dermatological researchers. Each of these herbal products is made with the finest substances that are derived and used without altering their inherent goodness. Almost all the raw materials and bases are brought in from the local parts of India so, that we get authentic products and at the same time support the small local businesses within the country. The company Palmist Cares is a constant supporter of the ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign recently started by the government.

All the skin and beauty care products manufactured by Palmist are completely homegrown and natural. This makes our branded skin care products the most secure and natural sort of product. We have a range of products for all types of skin.

Palmist Products-Unique Properties

Even though the multiple international brands functioning in the market ask skincare product manufacturers yet none of these brands have items that can suit the different needs. Almost every product in the market specifically caters to one particular skin kind which ends up confusing the customers. While at Palmist Cares our focus is on creating a variety of products that may suit I different needs of the customers. Apart from making products specifically for customers with different needs, we keep a balance between the quality and proportion of the products. There is no compromise done with the safety of skincare items. 

Our range of skin care products is curated with indigenously found natural plant concentrates. From using unadulterated plant parts such as neem leaves, lemon oil, tea tree oil, Tulsi, etc. These medicinal plants added to this product not only enhance their organic functioning but also make them safer for different skin kinds. In addition to the antibacterial neem, the usage of natural moisturizers like glycerine and aloe vera gives a nourishing property to all the items included in our skin care product list. Whereas the products being free of toxins prevents skin damage While using on regular basis.

Naturally synthesized product by Palmist Cares is free from synthetic chemicals and poisonous preservatives. We resolve to set ourselves free from using destructive sulfate, paraben, and triclosan. The unique range of Palmist skincare commodities is a safe choice for delicate skin types as well as oily skin because it has a perfect balance of natural oils and cleansers.

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Unisex Products

Taking care of the skin is not just a thing for women but also holds importance for men. Following a skin regime and focusing on maintaining effective skin hygiene has now turned into a trend for everyone. Most of the brands functioning within our country either manufacture skin care products for women or men. Moving with the wind of change Palmist creates a distinct catalog of products that are good for use by both men and women. Created with similar kinds of ingredients each product after skin routine range is suitable for people of all sexualities.

Unlike the other brands, we do not distinguish the product on the basis of elements or packaging. All products are even made with fragrances that can be used for both men and women. Beginning from shampoos, face and body scrubs, hygiene care products to moisturizers and face washes; all the products equally fit the requirement of men and women. Irrespective of the product variety and components used the composition remains natural and safe. Apart from the basic constituents even the exotic fragrances used in our products are derived naturally from sources such as rose, Tezuka, lemon, and other essential oils.

It becomes really important for brands like Palmist to make more unisex variety products as it fits in the budget of all customers. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose kind of product that not only reduces the need for carrying several products as well as reduces pollution. The range of these cruelty free and vegan products comes in handy while going on long tours.

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Best Brands

Other than just a wide variety of skincare range products Palmist has a lot more to offer in terms of quality and packaging. The affordable products manufactured at the units of Palmist Cares established production units are quality assured and thoroughly tested. The skincare solutions are put together by an experienced team of chemists and skin experts. The careful selection of raw materials and the production process all is carried out under the strict vigilance of a professional team. After production for keeping the properties intact and untouched by human hand; all products are stored in hygienic conditions and noncorrosive packaging. 

As the producer of the best skin care products, we ensure that all the batches of products dispatched in the market for sale are thoroughly tested in a research lab. After sending in the samples for testing at the research lab, we consult medical experts for clinical approval. Thereafter, the products are also checked by skin experts or dermatologists who analyze the conclusion and safety of each product. These three steps of verification of product safety are carried out to ensure the grading and efficacy of these products. It also certifies that the products are safe for use on the skin.

Although there are several steps of testing that Palmist Skin Care products go through, yet it is important for us to legally mark the safety of our products. In order to achieve a certification that gives our products global recognition, we have obtained approvals from the World Health Organisation and International Standardisation Organisation along with other reputed welfare organizations.

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Combo Offers

Customers always need more than what’s offered whether it be in the quality or quantity of products. From buying skin and beauty essentials at sale prices to looking up thoughtful packaging or combos, there are a lot of requirements that people try to find in a product. Palmist is a customer-oriented brand and 100% customer satisfaction as its prime focus, which leads us to design combination packaging that can serve the customers with just the right number of products they need that too at economic rates. All of the offers and combo packages are coupled with exciting takeaways.

There are creatively designed combo packages by Palmist that contain our complete range of products, as well as some, contain a combination of two products. Putting the products in a combination packaging increase the utility as well as lowers their set price. These packages are ideal for gifting during any festive season or special occasion. The packaging of the product is attractive and durable which makes it an amazing fit for travel purposes. In fact, this solves the trouble for customers to build a hair care or skin regime by combining different items in a single packaging.

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Wholesale Products and Retail Plans

Among one of the wholesale distributors of skin care products Palmist is a leader. We not only mass produce or manufacture skincare products in an immense quantity but also supply them to various parts of the country. Palmist is the leading distributor of products within Delhi NCR and Haryana. Other than the previously mentioned cities we make an effort to reach the remotest of places within the country and promote self-care and hygiene among people. In order to fulfill our motto of making people aware of the need for skincare and hygiene, we put up regular sales and have lower prices for all commodities.

In order to cater to large masses, our diverse product range along with its low-end prices attracts customers towards these unique items. We have kept the prices of all our products at a lower level than the other companies selling in the market. Also, we have opened up options for bulk orders and wholesale supplies to local markets to reach as many customers as possible. Additionally, the retail plans made by us are highly beneficial for people new in the business. There is an ample supply of all skin care products within the local market.

Customers can make use of our exciting offers and seasonal sales to stock up on their favorite products. The wide outreach of our products within the different states of India makes us one of the popular Indian brands that manufacturer skin care products. While the export of products to parts of North America and Malaysia make us a global name.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is one of the most preferred methods in the present time for buying even the smallest items that we needed daily life. Following the trend of online trade, Palmist Cares also puts up its product on sale on online platforms such as By connecting to our customers via licensed online platforms ensures safe doorstep delivery of skin care essential products for our buyers. As well as the easy online transactions save them and us from paying heavy amounts to third party distributors and dealers. Along with selling products with channels like Flipkart, our company has shopping options on its website

Q. How to choose a skin care product?

Ans. Always try to choose a skin care product based on your skin type.

Q. Are the Palmist skin care products free of toxins?

Ans. Yes, the Palmist skin care products are free from toxins and harsh chemicals of any kind.

Why Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Is The Best Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer In India

Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading private label cosmetic manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. Established in 2019, we deal with premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and pan-India supply of items. We have an international customer base as well. Invest your money and trust in us for third-party production. Reach us via mail or give us a call at +91 7669006909

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