What to Look for in Safe Hand Sanitizers

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What to look for in safe hand sanitizers

What to look for in safe hand sanitizers

What to look for in safe hand sanitizers– In recent times it is very important to choose the right-hand sanitizer which is safe to use. Sanitizers that are available in the market contain a huge amount of harmful chemicals which include paraben and sulfate which damages your skin and it makes them dry. Therefore it is really important to know the right ingredients used for making a safe hand sanitizer that does not make your skin dry and also protects you from different viruses and bacteria. 

Palmist has launched sanitizers that are 100% safe for our customers as all the ingredients used in making the sanitizers are made from 100% natural ingredients. The sanitizer does not include any harmful chemicals and is paraben and sulfate-free. Palmist provides all the necessary needs that customers may look for in a safe hand sanitizer as it is transparent in showing all the ingredients to the customers and ensuring them their full safety.

We have zeroed in on analyzing the sanitizer through different evaluation spots to pick the advancements which are best reasonable for the basic driver looked at by the clients. The entire of the inescapable consequences of Palmist is ISO insisted and are dermatologists attempted in the assessment working conditions to guarantee you the straightforwardness offer things. The amount of the embellishments utilized in palmistry things plainly shows up on the bundling of the things for the clients to get trust in an affiliation. 

Palmist gives a substitute and safe hand sanitizer for you and your health

Palmist gives a substitute degree of hand sanitizers, some of which other than reject any liquor and are 100% made using brand name beautifications, for example, neem, Tulsi, and aloe vera. These sanitizers are without alcohols and thusly don’t dry your hands, in any case, creams them as it joins brand name plant disengages which help in giving minerals and moves up to the skin. Palmist has astoundingly dispatched these sanitizers for clients who have intriguing skin and dry skin to help them battle with a Coronavirus infection and furthermore moistness in their skin. What to look for in safe hand sanitizers

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Ingredients for making a safe hand sanitizer

Aloe vera

Aloe vera

Aloe vera– aloe vera helps in providing your skin the freshness and helps in bringing back the glow of your skin. As it is a natural ingredient it also helps as an herbal fragrance for the sanitizers. 


Neem– it helps in killing all the germs and bacteria present in your skin and gently moisturizes your skin at the same time. Neem does not have any unpleasant smell and thus is not disturbing to the nose of the customers. It has antioxidant properties which help in fighting germs and bacteria and makes your skin hygienic.


Tulsi– Tulsi has a very natural fragrance that helps in providing the customers with freshness and does not allow any germs and bacteria to remain in the area used. It has antibacterial properties which help in the killing of all the germs and bacteria.


Glycerine– glycerine is a natural way of moisturizing your skin and helps in making your skin softer and brighter. It has and rejuvenating your skin and exfoliating your skin.


Lemongrass– it has very pleasant fragments and which provides the customers with freshness. Lemongrass also has antibacterial and antioxidant properties which help in fighting the germs and bacteria cause and ensures removing excess oil from your skin.


Sandalwood– has antioxidant properties which help in rejuvenation in your skin. It also helps in reviving your skin by providing it with the necessary essential oils and makes your skin soft

Safe Brand Hand Sanitizer to use


Palmist which has a summary of hand sanitizer makers in India is that is joined 100% standard plant launch and is open in different packaging which makes it obliging for the customers to pick what is the best choice fitting for them. The hand sanitizers dispatched by Palmist are lessened and easy to facilitate which is the most enchanting piece of the thing.

They are incomprehensibly masterminded being made size packaging for the customer’s straightforwardness. The packaging of all the palmist things joins all the information about the thing which in like manner joins its headways which shows that everything worked with by Palmist denies such dangerous organized materials and besides is sulfate and sans paraben which has no outcome on the purchaser’s skin. Adding onto it, the whole of the inevitable results of Palmist is made by reviewing the total of the novel kinds of the skin of the customers, and as necessities are, everything has different mixes that are open for all the undeniable skin types.

We are a pleasure care brand

We are a pleasure care brand, and we base on giving the best thing that handles our customer’s skin-related issues. Our things are tried and endeavored in the evaluation working environments and are ensured by ISO which other than gives an assertion that our things don’t make any harm to the purchaser. 

Palmist hand sanitizers surprisingly veer from other markdown sanitizer providers across India, which give territory hand sanitizers. It is one of the lead hand sanitizer makers in India and producers in mass to their markdown providers. Palmist is a joy care thing collusion that has been making the best sanitizers across the India at a truly sensible and markdown cost in India.

These hand sanitizers are passed on using the unadulterated commonplace concentrate and are for the most part fitting for all skin types. Palmist is a mass hand sanitizer supplier which doesn’t just remember passing for refund things yet furthermore whirls around the opportunity of the things for their purchaser dauntlessness.

Palmist has the once-over of hand sanitizer makers in India, as it doesn’t have any ruinous made substances and is sulfate and without paraben. It for the most part bases on the upgrades that make it best substantial for all skin types as it the totally out of the improvements 100% standard and can suit each skin kind of the customer. It is the best elective present in the market among various sanitizer marks as it is a lot more secure for clients’ employments.

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 Best Sanitizer Manufacturer in India

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