• The procedure for cancellation or return of these items is a simple process which a customer has to go through if they are unsatisfied with the product or have received a defective or wrong product.
  •  If a customer wants to cancel their order that they have placed, they should do it within today’s off their order or before the order is shipped.
  •  The return policy of the company states that if a customer has received a damaged or different product than what was ordered, the customer can apply to return the product within 6-7 days after the order has been delivered.
  •  The customer should make sure that the product they returned to the executive should be unused and should have a valid bill.
  •  If the product is used by the customer, the customers should tell the executive the concerned problem related to the product.
  •  After the product has been returned, it would take 5 to 6 days to deliver a new product to resolve the issue of the customer.
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