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Hand Sanitizer Gel Sachet 1.5 ml Palmist 5000 Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Sachets

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Palmist 5000 Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Sachets; Herbal Sanitizer Sachets; Small, Easy to Use, Convenient Small Sanitizer Sachets, For Travelling and Camping (Any Of 5000 Sanitizer Pouches).Palmist alcohol-based...
Rs. 2,999.00
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Palmist 5000 Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Sachets; Herbal Sanitizer Sachets; Small, Easy to Use, Convenient Small Sanitizer Sachets, For Travelling and Camping (Any Of 5000 Sanitizer Pouches).Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer sachets 5000 pouch pack is the most effective way of using sanitizers and also be free from the hassle of handling big sanitizer bottles. They can easily be fit into any small pockets of the customer’s clothing. They come in a pack of hand sanitizer sachets 5000 pouch pack of 1.5ml of the product and are available in three different fragrance Brace, Signature and Tizuka that are made from natural plant extracts such as neem, tulsi and aloe vera. All these sanitizers contain 70% of alcohol and still do not have an obnoxious smell of the alcohol as the sanitizer is blended with fragrances for different natural products. This product is designed for a one-time use of their customers and thus is disposable.


1. The Palmist hand sanitizer product is counted among the best sanitizers online.
2. These hand sanitizers are effective in killing 99.99% of infection-causing viruses, germs, and bacteria. To ensure that the hand rub gives overall protection be used antibacterial elements like neem and aloe vera.
3. The use of natural extracts also adds to the nourishment and antioxidant properties of the disinfectants.
4. This product is user-friendly as it is compact unfit for travel purposes. the product is designed for single-use and hence is reliable. The use and throw feature of this sanitizer reduce the risk of contaminating hands again.
5. The ideal alcohol concentration of this product facilitates the task of wiping off deadly bacteria from the hands.
6. Whereas the sanitizer preparation is lightly scented with natural perfumes like that of lemon, brace, and Tezuka. The premium quality raw materials used in the hand rub make it worthy of WHO approval.
7. Available in various fragrances These sanitizers are in four different fragrance, all made up of natural plant extract.
8. Odor-free sanitizers Even though it contains 70% alcohol, other ingredients helps in managing the strong smell. Spill free This comes with a three layer packaging which protects it from spilling.
9. Pocket size These come in small sachets of 1.5ml each which can easily fit into small size pockets or your wallet.
Composition: 1.5 ml Hand sanitizer Ingredients : Denatured alcohol 71.25% v/v, & perfumed herbal gel base p.s.
The Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer sachets, in a combo of 5000 pouch pack is the most affordable and trusted hand sanitizer sachet in the market. It is an effective way of sanitizing your hands as the product is made for single time use and prevents any chances of recontamination. A thoughtfully created hand sanitizer product like this sets you free from the hassle of carrying big sanitizer bottles. These Palmist hand sanitizer sachets are compact and so, can even fit into small handbags, travel bags, and pockets of clothing.
Unique Characters These hand sanitizers can be bought online at a wholesale rate as they come in a set of 5000 pouch pack hand sanitizer sachets, each of 1.5ml. These disinfectants do not smell foul like alcohols. And are available in three different characteristic fragrances of Brace, Signature, and Tezuka purely extracted natural sources. We infuse natural antibacterial such as neem, tulsi, and aloe vera, to make them free of harsh alternative compounds. All the Palmist sanitizers contain 70% to 80% of alcohol and yet act gently on the skin as we do not add in harmful sulfates or paraben. This product is effectively designed for one-time use and is disposable. It is an easy-to-use product with a non-sticky formulation. This sachet has three-layered durable packaging, that prevents accidental instances of any leakage. The products are approved by WHO and FDA.
EASY TO CARRY: These sanitizers come in disposable packaging which contains 1.5ml of the product which is a good replacement for the big sanitizer bottles.
TRAVEL FRIENDLY: As it is convenient to carry it fits for a perfect travel size package of essentials.
POCKET SIZE: This fits into any standard size pocket of any clothing or wallet of the customers.
SPILL FREE: It comes in a three-layer packaging, which avoids any leakage.
USE AND THROW: These contain 1.5ml of sanitizers, which are accurate for one-time use.
KILLS UNWANTED GERMS AND VIRUSES: This is made of 70% alcohol which makes it a perfect solution for providing safety to the hands without damaging them.
1.Protects from virus and bacteria.
70% of alcohol ensures killing the bacteria and viruses and provides maximum safety from the unwanted viruses.
2. Reduces risk of catching virus Using this.
sanitizer 99.99% of viruses and bacteria are killed that automatically reduces the risk of catching viruses with. 
3. Portable, travel-friendly product.
The packaging of this product is compact size and flexible which makes it easy to travel pocket of the clothing or even the wallets.
4. Natural plant extract.
All the fragrances of these sanitizers are made up of natural plant extracts such as neem, tulsi, brace and aloe vera.
5. Long-lasting protection.
This sanitizer’s effect stays for more than 5-6 hrs and its fragrances help to ensure that it lasts long for the customer’s protection.
6. Natural fragrances.
All the fragrances are made from natural plant extract which makes these fragrances herbal.
Our hand sanitiser sachet have been designed to make the tedious act of sanitisation exciting. These sanitisers are 75% alcohol, eliminating all germs and viruses without drying skin or exacerbating dryness or any other skin condition.
It's rinse-free and quick to dry. It can be used by anyone and at any time. The clinically tested formula ensures your skin's pH balance is maintained for healthy and soft hands. To reiterate, we are resolutely against all things toxic. Palmist is a herbal brand, so we make sure all our products live up to this image. Whenever you are on the go, grab one to keep your hands protected.
✓ Kills Germs & Bacteria.
✓ Long-Lasting.
✓ Natural Plant Extracts.
✓ Sulphate & Paraben Free.
✓ No Harsh Smell.
75% alcohol: We use 75% alcohol to kill all germs and bacteria.
1. Tear the sachet and pour the Sanitizer in your hands.
2. Apply well over the palms, interlace your fingers.
3. Rub until dry.
4. Stay Protected and safe.
1. Is it important to carry sanitizers everywhere we go?
Ans. Yes, in the current times when COVID-19 is spreading it is important that we constantly clean our hands to protect yourselves from viruses and bacteria.
2. Hands can be cleaned with soap and water as well, then why to use sanitizers?
Ans. There is no doubt that hands can be washed by soap and water but usually, when we are out it is not convenient that it is available wherever we go, therefore sanitizers is a great alternative to kill germs and bacteria.
3. Does using sanitizers damage our hands?
Ans. Palmist range of sanitizers is made up of natural anti-oxidant products which do not let your hand damage and protect at the same time.
4. Is Palmist Sanitizer Reducing Chance Of Infection?
Ans. Yes, Palmist Hand Sanitizer reduces the chances of infection.
5. Why should buy small sachets instead of big bottles when it is used regularly?
Ans. As sanitizers are used everywhere we go and a big bottle of sanitizers makes it inconvenient to carry it all around, therefore these sachets come really handy at that time.
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Hand Sanitizer Gel Sachet 1.5 ml Palmist 5000 Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Sachets
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