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Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer were not a familiar term to many people until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. But owing to the current circumstances leading global health organizations have laid a lot of emphasis on the importance of hand hygiene. The transmission of the novel coronavirus is carried out through droplet infection and like many other diseases, this disease can also be caused by coming in contact with any contaminated surfaces. It becomes necessary for people all around us to understand the importance of prevention and precaution.

The use of Alcohol based hand sanitizer is claimed to be one of the only effective ways to eradicate COVID-19. Despite the proven effectiveness of hand sanitizers in combating deadly diseases, there are doubts that people have in mind while buying these hand disinfectants. The question that frequently arises when talking of hand sanitizers is that whether they are safe or not? Or why how does a hand sanitizer help in effectively killing pathogens, bacteria, and viruses? Also, people put up several questions about the use and advantage of sanitizer over regular soaps and water. Let us explore some more facts about hand sanitizer.


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Hand Rub or Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers or disinfectant hand rubs are alternatives for washing or cleansing the hand in the absence of soap and water. These hand disinfectants or hand antiseptic rub are generally made in a liquid, gel, or foam state. Sanitizers are effective in killing the vast majority of deadly microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. This method of handwashing without soap and water came into existence to help people fight germs like the novel coronavirus which can only be killed with specific chemicals. These can be used to prevent the effects of contaminations.

Most healthcare organizations and hospitals suggest that the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers is preferred over the regular soap and water washing method. The liquid Alcohol concentrated hand sanitizers were first used in the year 1966 in medical care settings such as big hospitals and critical healthcare facilities. The product was eventually popularized on a global level in the early 1990s. These hand rubs work primarily made out of concentrated alcohols which were seen as effective in killing harmful bacteria. With time these liquid alcohol hand sanitizers were made by adding on several other antibacterial substances and antiseptic elements.

Originally hand sanitizers were useful for disinfecting hands before doctors conducted critical surgeries to avoid any infectious organism transmitting through their hands to the patient. However, hand sanitizers what not manufactured at a large skill back then but their overall effectiveness in killing bacteria and reducing infections made them popular. Leading global health organizations like the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had run several tests concerning the effectiveness of and rubs over novel coronavirus. These tests have found out that to eradicate this deadly virus, disinfecting hands is the most effective way.

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Everyone does not think alike and therefore, the choices made by us can also not be the same. The diversity of people throughout the globe come forth with different requirements and preferences. And for the diverse needs of all the people, there is a unique product available in the market. The large number of populations the globe inhabits has people with different skin types. There are people with rough skin, regular skin, delicate or overly sensitive skin. For this reason, only alcohol sanitizers do not suit the skin of every individual. Hence to fulfill these needs all the big and small commercial brands in the market have made products with different compositions to fulfill the needs of people.

In the market, there are two readily available types of hand sanitizers which are concentrated liquid alcohol hand rubs and non-alcohol herbal hand disinfectant range. Many people always get confused about choosing between an alcohol-based hand rub and an alcohol-free herbal hand rub. The only difference between alcohol-based hand rubs and alcohol-free organic hand disinfectants is the elements they are made of.

Concentrated liquid alcohol hand sanitizer or Alcohol-based sanitizer

As the name suggests concentrated liquid alcohol hand sanitizers are made with concentrated alcohols which are good for use on the skin. The alcohol-based hand rubs all generally used as a healthcare medical essential which contains about a minimum of 60% and a maximum of 80 percent alcohol. Most medically acclaimed products like Palmist Max alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain the ideal concentration of Alcohol in them as per the guidelines of various healthcare organizations. Most of the alcohol hand sanitizers exist in liquid, gel, or form state formulations.

An alcohol sanitizer that exceeds the ideal concentration and has about 60% to 95% concentration of Alcohol in its total volume is counted among an effective antiseptic. These products are generally made with specific kinds of alcohols like ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or isopropanol which are commonly known as rubbing alcohol. These hand rubs are generally used in places like surgical wards of the hospital for hand this infection before any critical surgery. Hence their composition is fit for use as an alternative to antiseptic soaps.

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Alcohol-free or non-alcohol hand sanitizer

Because hand sanitizers are widely used, the amount of alcohol concentration in them sometimes results in dry skin or itchiness in some people with sensitive skin. To combat this issue of dry skin and helping out people with sensitive skin kinds commercial brands came forward with substitute formulations off hand sanitizer which used a combination of non-alcoholic contents like benzalkonium chloride mixed with natural elements that are high in antibacterial properties. These non-alcoholic antibacterial substances are also known as quaternary ammonium cations or quats as they are high in anti-microbial properties.

Although the cases of allergies by use of concentrated liquid alcohol sanitizers are very rare, they can prove harmful if used in excess on delicate skin types. These inspired by Ayurveda formulation help in giving smooth skin. They provide nourishment as they have antioxidant properties.

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There are many advantages of using sanitizer over regular hand wash soaps and water. The primary advantage of using a hand rub is that it can be easily used at any place without any hassle. As soap and water may not be readily available to clean the hands, a hand sanitizer comes forth as the best option to clean the hands. Hand sanitizers are a simple and effective way to clean hands as we only need to pour the contents on our hands, rub them thoroughly and wait for them to dry.

With the use of regular soaps, hand wash, and water, there is a risk of recontamination as the soap bars are used by many people. In addition to the risk of recontamination, soaps can also render as ineffective on hands as they develop antibacterial resistance. Whereas an alcohol liquid sanitizer does not tend to have the risk of recontamination as well as antibacterial resistance because they are for single-use purposes. The composition of an Alcohol-based hand sanitizer does not contain any substance against which bacteria and viruses can build resistance. Thus, at any point in time, one can rely on using hand sanitizers. The fact that hand sanitizers are portable and specially made for travel can give instant protection and cleanliness.

Early on hand sanitizers were introduced for the people who have OCD (an obsessive-compulsive disorder of hygiene) or are highly conscious of their cleanliness. But with the growing fears of deadly viruses and bacteria sanitizers became a necessity. And especially for emergency breakouts like that of the novel coronavirus pandemic, these hand disinfectants have turned out to be a medically essential drug that helps to prevent the infection of the virus.

Hand Disinfectant is Multi-purpose

Though COVID-19 has increased the importance of using hand sanitizers can be used for various other purposes apart from just getting rid of the coronavirus. A sanitizer can be used in general public places like schools, offices, hospitals, and other places to ensure that people learn to maintain hygiene. The use of hand sanitizers at healthcare facilities helps healthcare workers combat the hazard of communicable diseases like these.

Not just a hand sanitizer can help us in maintaining hygiene but it also helps us sleep surfaces and ensure that the environment we breathe in is free of contamination. Hand sanitizers that contained at least 60% alcohol or are made of persistent antiseptics can be used to prevent an attack of germs on open wounds.

Multi-use products like that made at Palmist production units can even be used for clearing your devices like your phone or laptops which can contain several microorganisms that affect your health.

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Guide to Buy the Best Sanitizer

Because sanitizer is a daily used product therefore it becomes necessary to ensure that whatever brand of hand sanitizer we buy it turns out to be good in quality. Several factors act upon the quality of your hand sanitizer. Because there are several companies out there in the market it becomes tough for the customers to choose a sanitizer from among this lot. Before stepping out to buy a good quality and effective hands disinfectant which can help you to reduce the number of microorganisms on your hands.

Alcohol concentration

While buying any hand sanitizer the first thing that should be kept in mind is that it contains the ideal amount of alcohol concentration as per the parameters laid down by leading health organizations. The hand rub must have Alcohol or other antibacterial cleansing agents as their active ingredients. In their special researches published in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, prestigious global healthcare organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Food and drug administration (FDA) the ideal concentration for an effective hand sanitizer should be minimum 60% alcohol of the total volume.

The Alcohol used should be either rubbing alcohol like ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. These alcohols are listed under the safe for use on skin kinds of Alcohol. Use of any other kind of Alcohol other than the acclaimed medical ones can be toxic for health as well as the skin and may also result in skin cancer.

Safe for skin

As sanitizers are being manufactured on a large scale nowadays so, many companies use low-quality elements to make their products. To gain a lot of profit commercial brands use low concentrated solutions. Make sure that the products are free of harmful substances. Do not go for sanitizers that have chemicals like parabens and sulfates. These typically artificial elements leave the skin to dry out and cause itchiness.

To prevent the risk of getting dry skin and scaling use products that are dermatologically tested. Or at least have moisturizing solutions. Toxic chemicals added up in a hand sanitizer may lead to the building of cancerous cells in your skin or lead to diseases like eczema. But at companies like Palmist tend to use only safe for use on skin elements extracted from natural plants.

The one thing that can help the customers in gaining trust in the product they wish to buy is the certifications given by the global health organizations. Before buying any hand rub the customer should take a thorough check on the list of content written at the back of the packaging. The quality control check certificate issued by the World Health Organization and, Food and Drug administration testifies that the product is verified in quality and follows all the guidelines issued by the organization for the manufacturing of hand sanitizers.

These health organizations also specify a list formulation that is best suited for preparing hand sanitizers.

About Palmist Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

Our brand Palmist is a premium skincare and hygiene care product manufacture, supplier, and exporter throughout the country. As a wellness brand, we focus on making products that are high in quality and fall within the economical rate category to help people buy our products easily. We manufacture all sorts of hand sanitizer, surface sanitizer, and pocket sanitizer range which can fulfill all the needs of the customers. Behind every product, we do detailed research goes into the formulations we create and the different packaging we make for our products.

We are a sanitizer manufacturer which locally manufactures hand sanitizers and supplies them across the globe. Each production lot dispatched from our headquarters in Delhi NCR is made under the supervision of expert chemists. We tend to produce our hand rubs with the best quality raw materials. To suit the requirement of all our users we have innovated a variety of products with unadulterated substances. The homegrown range of hand rubs is the best choice of products. We are rated as a trusted hand sanitizer manufacturer and exporter.

At Palmist due to our export quality products we are counted among the best hand sanitizer manufacturers in Delhi NCR. We are a wholesaler brand of hand sanitizer products which makes us a trusted and affordable hand disinfectant seller and distributor. As we supply our products to many health care facilities, hospitals, and bulk buyers we have priced our hand rub products at cheaper rates in comparison to the other alcohol hand rub brands out there in the market. We sell our products at wholesale rates and great discount offers. We also have an alternate range of products that are curated by using neighborhood plant extracts like aloe vera, lemon, and neem.

Palmist Vs Other Sanitizers

Palmist range of hand sanitizers come with many unique properties that make it stand out among the several hand rub brands. Our products are unique because we tend to use the best in quality products for every formulation we create. We take into consideration all the feedback given by the customer and the various researches done in regard to hand disinfectants. The natural antibacterial substance used in our liquid concentrated alcohol hand rubs. These disinfectants are effective in killing 99.99% of deadly viruses. We prefer not to put in any harmful substances like triclosan, sulfates, and paraben.

The natural substances put in the sanitizers are infused with essential oils and moisturizing agents. We add on natural moisturizing elements like glycerine, brace, and argan oil. We have been using exotic fragrances like berry, melon, Gulab, and lemon to cut down the nauseating smell of Alcohol. The 100% natural preparations are clinically tested in labs and claimed safe for use on the skin by dermatologists. Our brand has received quality certificates from quality control check firms like ISO, FDA, CDC, WHO- Good Manufacture Practice, CE, and M. SAFE.

As going out of home is not safe due to the increasing tensions of pandemics. Hence, buying sanitizers online is one of the safest and smart options. There are thousands of companies selling their products online to facilitate the customer’s task of buying hand rubs. Brands sell their hand disinfectants at leading online stores as well as on their websites.

Palmist hand sanitizers are one of the leading online sellers and exporters of hand sanitizers in India as well as globally. Buying products online is the simplest ever as you are provided with various information details related to the products along with the price. You can compare the prices and deals on your desired products and choose the best out of them. Moreover, you can save money while buying hand rubs at wholesale rates directly from the manufactures.

Wise buyers look on the internet for sanitizer wholesalers, like us to save money and keep these essentials in stock for future use. The easy at your doorstep delivery options given by companies and discount offers come in as a bonus. We offer exciting deals to our bulk purchasers. For our regular customers, we facilitate buying by offering combo packs and deals of the day. Our Palmist products are available for buyers on leading websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart, and our website palmist.net

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturers in Delhi NCR

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