Sanitizer Manufacturer in Daman and Diu, Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer


Sanitizer Manufacturer in Daman and Diu, Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Palmist is one leading local Sanitizer Manufacturer in Daman and Diu. Our company deals with the large-scale production of effective alcohol content hand sanitizers. As a hand sanitizer manufacturer in Pan India, we bring forth the perfectly proportionate solution to maintain hygiene and health. Our hand sanitizer consists of the best raw materials combined together to form an effective and powerful friend sanitizer. Each base element is selectively chosen so that it suits all sorts of skin and the different needs of the customers. In fact, the variable packaging styles in which we sell our products provide multiple options for the customer’s convenience. 

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All the brands including the Palmist hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu accent their attention towards producing hand sanitizers in immense quantity. We are large-scale producers of both alcohol-based and herbal hand sanitizers. The local hand sanitizer manufacturer in India creates the most premium quality of hand disinfectants. The use of liquid alcohol content varies from a minimum of 70% to a maximum of 80% of the whole solution. Glycerine and Aloe Vera are two plant substances that are mixed with an alcohol base to eliminate deadly bacteria or viruses. It, therefore, becomes suitable for all skin kinds.

Even though we make sanitizers with utmost attention and hygiene yet we send in our samples for testing at a research lab. After getting the products tested at labs, we even get these hands sanitizers rechecked by medical experts and skin experts. The testing and recommendation by dermatologists assure the customers about the safety of our products. 


Local Hand Sanitizer Producer

Our Hand sanitizers made by the local hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu are completely made in India. Our home-grown range of products and hand sanitizers are locally manufactured as well as supplied across the various states in the country. The local production of hand sanitizers and skincare products makes our effort count as a step towards the development of the country because it supports the vocal for local movement. Hand sanitizers are manufactured according to the guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, the Food and Drug Administration, and the center for Disease Control and prevention.

Unlike the fake hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu, we guarantee protective cleanliness and sterilization of hands with care. The perfect blend of natural concentrates in our hand sanitizers helps in preventing skin damage. We resolve not to use any toxic substances or synthetic elements. All the hand sanitizers and skincare products are therefore free of skin-damaging chemicals. Our disinfectants are completely free from paraben and sulfate. Besides being a local hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu, we are the wholesaler of hand sanitizers nationwide. The company provides great concessions and offers on all its products.

Although our local hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu supplies products to the nearby market yet if you are having any difficulty in finding Palmist products in local shops, it is also available on online shopping apps. and Flipkart act as a partner in supplying and trading our range of products.

Contact Us

Buy products in a bulk amount from our local hand sanitizer manufacturer in Daman and Diu or You can also place bulk orders for products by calling us at +91-7669006909 or send us an email at

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