Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh


Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, Wholesale Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, Wholesale Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh

Palmist is a top-notch Sanitizer Manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh. Among the several hand sanitizer manufacturer companies throughout India, very few of them work towards giving their best service to the people during the testing times of the coronavirus pandemic. The starting of the prolonged pandemic has brought about an increase in the value of hygiene and cleanliness. Sudden escalation witnessed by people in the growing health concerns and the negative impact of modern lifestyle has forced people to become more conscious about their habits. 

In India owing to the large population, there is an immense need for a larger number of product manufacturers throughout. Several companies have established their name in the market due to their product quality and services but not all the companies producing hand sanitizers are worth trusting. Our company Palmist Cares is one among the many companies that manufacture hand sanitizers in a large quantity and supply them all over India. 

As a pan India distributor of hand sanitizers, our company pays a lot of attention to the quality of all the products. The company is known as one of the largest wholesale hand sanitizer manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh as well as in states like Assam, Bihar, Haryana, Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, etc. We as a healthcare brand also make sure that we supply hand sanitizers and other essential products in an adequate quantity to people who need them. The situation of the pandemic has motivated us to work harder for people’s life.

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Powerful Hand Rubs

Keeping ourselves clean has become a necessity for all of us because there is a constant increase in different types of infections and diseases. Doctors and health experts all over the place are insisting on keeping the hands sanitized and free of germs and viruses. Because the only way to stop the rapid transmission of coronavirus is keeping a safe distance and disinfecting the hands regularly with the sanitizer so, it becomes necessary for the customers to find a powerful hand sanitizer for themselves. Palmist is a leading hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh. Our company produces hand sanitizers in excessive quantities to prevent its shortage.

Apart from the need for hand sanitizers in an immense quantity, the quality of hand sanitizer also matters a lot. In the market, the fake hand sanitizer companies try to sell their cheap quality products which do not act on the germs and fail to fulfill their purpose. But at Palmist manufacturing units our professionals take care of the factors that can affect the disinfectant action of a product. Despite being a large-scale manufacturer of hand sanitizers, we do not compromise on the effective formulation of the hand rubs we make. The products manufactured by us are made by using the best kind of raw materials and expert guidance.

The hand sanitizers we manufacture contain an approximate alcohol concentration of 70% to 80% in the total composition. The ideal alcohol composition of the sanitizers makes these hand disinfectants more powerful and efficient in killing disease causing pathogens. Whereas the storage of these products in ideal conditions keeps their Hand sterilizing properties intact.


Tested Hand Sanitizer Formulations

There is an ample number of brands in India that have dedicated all their time and hard work towards finding out the most effective preparation of hand sanitizer which can effectively fight against diseases. All over the world scientists, health experts and doctors have researched and concluded that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol concentration of 60% to a maximum of 90% alcohol can be used to fight diseases. Palmist alcohol-based hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of our country work on giving the most effective product in the market. 

Out of the known hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, our company is one of the tested and testified producers of hand disinfectants. The powerful hand disinfectant made by the hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh is created by using alcohols like ethanol, rubbing alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. The previously named alcohol is the safest kind of alcohol for the use on skin. Additionally, alcohols are also suggested for use in an alcohol sanitizer by organizations that contribute towards protecting public health.

Palmist products can be easily trusted by the customers as they are made under the vigilance of specialists in this field. Our production unit or the sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh receives a large demand for hand sanitizers due to their exceptional quality. In addition to this, the approvals were given by WHO, CE, CDC, FDA, ISO, and M. SAFE act as an assurance for the unmatched expertise behind each formulation. To add on the several tests conducted by dermatologists and clinical experts are proof of the safety factor of each cleansing item.

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Extensive Manufacturing Rate

In the present scenario, the want for extensive hand sanitizer manufacturers in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country has increased. Though there are not many reliable hand sanitizer producers in the country yet extensive producers of these products like Palmist Cares do their best to complete the demand of the products needed by people. Throughout the year, our company produces disinfectant solutions at an extensive rate. The team working with us focuses on producing hand rubs at a fast rate right to avoid a shortage of the product in the market. 

Hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh deals in making and dispatching large volumes of hand sanitizers so that it can be easily available for the customers as well as for supply to places where it is needed in bulk. We attempt to work at the fastest pace and help people with their task of protecting their families from diseases. While we make hand sanitizers inadequate around for the people own country the Palmist hand sanitizers are also exported outside the country. The countries outside India show a keen interest in buying sanitizers from us. We are one of the Indian sanitizer supplier brands in North America and Malaysia.

Wholesale Supplier and Distributor

A brand not only establishes itself by manufacturing good products but by selling them off in a much better way. At Palmist the hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh takes care of supplying and distributing are export quality hand sanitizers to the nearby market. We deal with a large-scale supply and distribution of Alcohol-based and herbal hand sanitizers not just in the state of Madhya Pradesh but all over the country.

Being an extensive quantity hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh, we keep the prices of all our products comparatively cheaper than the market rate. Because our company strictly abides by its transparency policy and prioritized customer convenience service, we sell these products at a wholesale rate. Our unmatched quality and unparalleled wholesale rates products have contributed towards making us the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in India.

The Palmist hand sanitizers are widely sold in cities of Madhya Pradesh that is Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ujjain, Orchha, Chitra Koot, etc. The affordable rates of hand rubs and the other beauty care products made by us fit in the budget of all customers as well as suit the different kinds of skin. Wide utility and economic pricing of the products produced by us make our company the best hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh. We offer amazing advances and fitting variety help in facilitating the task of choosing the best fit for the customers.

Buy from our Website/Online

All of us are aware of the current situation. The risk involved in moving out of houses even for buying essentials is very unlikely. The present chaos does not allow any of the buyers to roam freely in the market and explore the product which they may want. But in the modern era of online shopping and e-commerce websites looking up products by sitting back at your home becomes much easier. The virtual catalogs and true-to-the-word descriptions help in comparing the various prices and utility of merchandise.

The task of choosing a perfect hand sanitizer that is not that simple too. Therefore, considering the customers’ need to obtain this essential product as well as keeping an eye on the safety factor involved behind the regular market purchasing. Brands such as Palmist have come forward with the idea of selling their products on leading online stores like, India Mart, and Flipkart. These online marketing giants make the task of purchasing easier for customers alongside do not let any adverse situation come forth as a hurdle for the small businesses.

Products of Palmist hand sanitizer manufacturer in Madhya Pradesh are available on online stores and on the brands’ personalized websites too. Although the products have already been priced at a lower rate still as a bonus, we have specialized combo packages for each kind of product on the company’s website. Moreover, the deal of the day put up on the company’s website makes purchasing from us even more profitable for the buyer.

For Queries

Contact us for the bulk orders of hand sanitizers by calling us at +91-7669006909 or send us an email at


Q. Can we buy Palmist products in Jabalpur?

Ans. Yes, Palmist products are also available in Jabalpur. You can buy our products from online stores if not available in the nearby market.

Q. Are alcohol free Palmist hand sanitizer safe for kids?

Ans. Yes, Palmist alcohol free hand sanitizers are safe for kids. We have an altogether special variety of alcohol-free sanitizer for kids available on our website.

Sanitizer Manufacturer in Kerala

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Palmist Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading private label cosmetic manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. Established in 2019, we deal with premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and pan-India supply of items. We have an international customer base as well. Invest your money and trust in us for third-party production. Reach us via mail or give us a call at +91 7669006909

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