Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh


Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh

The local Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh shoulders the responsibility of supplying and manufacturing essential disinfectant products for the largest state in India. Concerning the population of Uttar Pradesh, the local Palmist hand sanitizer manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh doubled up its rate of production. The brand works as a bulk hand sanitizer manufacturer within the states of India. Due to the pandemic, the sudden increase in demand for essential hand disinfectants was managed by setting up a local hand sanitizer Company in Uttar Pradesh. We at Palmist units have been working to complete the required demand for disinfectants.

Keeping in mind the safety of each individual the hand disinfectants manufactured by are hand sanitizer manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh is carried out with help of experts. Each product put together and sold by the local hand sanitizer manufacturer in UP. is carefully tested before dispatch. A lot of research and skill is put behind making each product to ensure customer safety. We have a team of knowledgeable chemists who incorporate the safety parameters laid down by medical experts. All these combined help us attain perfection in both quality and supply quantity of the products.

Owing to the large population of the cities, local hand sanitizer manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh adjust their timing of production and supply. The smooth execution of all production processes and because the supply of products in the local markets is carried out by professionals. Palmist Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh is a popular choice for the customers within the state.

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Mass Sanitizer Manufacturers in India

India has a large number of companies that are known as hand sanitizer manufacturers in Uttar Pradesh and the other states. But not every brand is worth investing your trust and money in. Therefore, the International Standardization Organisation (ISO) and state organizations suggest people only go for products made by a WHO-approved or government-listed sanitizer manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh. Palmist Cares is an Indian brand that is legally licensed and approved by the government. We are the topmost listed hands’ sanitizer manufacturer in UP. Our company also has certification by ISO, CDC, and FDA.

The local Palmist hand sanitizer manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh distributes essential disinfectant products to cities namely Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Bareilly, and the rest of the cities/ districts. The effective alcohol-based hand sanitizers created by us in large quantities contain 70% to 80% alcohol in their total composition. Apart from this, the formulation contains natural plant concentrates like Neem, Lemon, Brace, and Aloe Vera. This proportionate mix of natural substances with an alcohol base not only kills 99.99% of viruses/microbes but also nourishes the skin. Unlike the other toxic and synthetic sanitizers or disinfectants do not contain any sulfates, paraben, or triclosan.

Besides being a popular hand sanitizer manufacturer in Uttar Pradesh, bulk buyers also contact us for wholesale supplies and distribution of products. Palmist Cares has great deals and offers on all its products. Our regular customers, as well as bulk buyers, enjoy the benefit of our affordable priced products and amazing combos.

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The whole variety of Palmist disinfectant and skincare products can be purchased online from or Flipkart with safe doorstep delivery. All our products can be also purchased from our website You can also place bulk orders for products by calling us at +91-7669006909 or send us an email at

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