Palmist Ultra Wild Sea Berry Hydrating Body Butter Manufacturers Supplier Exporters In India Getting into a pool feels like hydrating your skin. This product contains a significant amount of antioxidants. By trapping moisture in the skin, these butters, waxes, and oils keep the skin hydrated. The easy-to-apply candelilla wax hydrates dry skin. Acne and blemishes are treated with shea butter, which also moisturises the skin. Kokum butter is a hydrating ingredient that does not clog pores. Raspberry seed oil prevents UV radiation and increases collagen, while oatmeal soothes dry, irritated skin. Moringa oil has anti-pollution properties....
  • PALMIST Buchu Essential Oil

    PALMIST Buchu Essential Oil
      "Essential Oil of Buchu'' Buchu Essential Oil is extracted from the Buchu plant, which is mostly found in the mountainous parts of the Cape Province. It is a key element in many skin care products these days. Due to its unique qualities and therapeutic powers, it is also employed for a variety of medical uses.It is mostly used as a natural pain reliever, although it is also utilised for insecticidal purposes. Buchu Essential Oil is a pure and organic essential oil that is great for massages and skincare. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and carminative effects of...
  • PALMIST Mace Absolute Oil

    PALMIST Mace Absolute Oil
    "Absolute Mace Oil'' To manufacture organic Mace Absolute Oil, the dried arils of the Mace tree are treated to a process known as steam distillation. It's distinguished by a woody aroma with a little spicy and sweet undertone. It's also good for aromatherapy.Mace Absolute Oil was originally used to treat upset stomachs in Indian medicine, and it is also utilized as a spice in some cultures. We provide high-quality, natural Mace Absolute Oil for exterior uses such as making soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics, among others.The tonic, stimulant, digestive, antiseptic, and analgesic characteristics of our organic Mace...
  • PALMIST Costus Essential Oil

    PALMIST Costus Essential Oil
    ''Costus Essential Oil'' Costus Essential Oil is made by steam distilling the roots of the Costus plant, and it has a wide spectrum of medicinal characteristics. Costus Root Essential Oil is widely utilised in the cosmetic industry and is found in many hair care products as well. It has a warm, subtle, and invigorating odour, and as a result, it is employed as a scent enhancer in a variety of personal care products.PALMIST is supplying High-quality and organic Costus Essential Oil that does not contain any contaminants and chemicals. Our genuine Costus Essential Oil demonstrates a...
  • PALMIST Armoise Essential Oil

    PALMIST Armoise Essential Oil
    Armoise oil is derived from the Asteraceae (Compositae) family's Artemisia vulgaris, popularly known as Mugwort. Red-purple stems and deeply cut, dark green leaves with white undersides characterise this scented perennial herb. In the summer, panicles of tiny red-brown blooms appear. It was once thought to be a protective charm against evil and danger. The dried, compressed leaves (moxa) are used to warm the skin momentarily in case of an interior cold in Chinese medicine. It was used as a digestive stimulant, diuretic, and nerve tonic as a herb. Mugwort is explicitly classified for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhoea...
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