10 Best Diet for Coronavirus Patient


10 Best Diet for Coronavirus Patient

10 Best Diet for Coronavirus Patient

10 Best Diet for Coronavirus Patient– In this time of covid-19 situation a corona patient should be very careful of their diet as it is their main source of boosting immunity for the internal body. Not only e patients are infected from coronavirus should employ these daily habits in their life but also people who are around the patients should also employ these habits in their daily life to protect themselves from coronavirus and maker immunity system more stronger.

Diet is the main source for our nutrition and it is very vital for people to take care of the dyed specially in the current times where it is really important for you to keep your immunity boosted to protect yourself from various viruses and bacteria was spreading all over the globe. Taking healthy diet should be a primary motive of every person in every household for this time of the year where covid-19 virus is striking.

Palmist is here to help you and guide mean by letting you know and making you aware of the after diet and you should follow and also the ingredients that you should imply in your daily died so that you can boost your immunity and stay strong in which time of crisis. There are some best ingredients that you should include in your diet to boost immunity.

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10 Best Diet for Coronavirus Patient

Get enough fluids

Covid-19 we should consume enough fluids as do it clean the colon and helps boosting immunity as the body is clans of toxins from the stomach and the colon.

It also keeps the cells hydrated for a long period of time which also helps in boosting immunity through the day, reducing the chance of getting infected 

If tested positive for covid-19 then also hydration plays a vital role in recovery as it cools downs the body temperature and cleaning the toxins out of the body, further enhancing the immune system.

Different type of fluid that you can consume they are as follows 


It is the most natural and purest form of liquid that that we should consume as it has a lot of health benefits. It helps in cleaning your system from inside and makes you feel active and light. It helps in removing all the toxins from your body and cleans your body from inside. The best part of consuming water is that it does not make you feel having can also mixture skin glowing.

Natural fruit and vegetable juice

This form of fluid tastes really third and serves the purpose of filling your stomach and removing toxins at the same time. Fruit such as watermelon muskmelon grapes oranges etc. are rich in vitamins and minerals which help in boosting immunity in our body and fight with the viruses internally. Vegetables such as carrot bottle gourd, etc. have a lot of minerals and enriching properties which helps healing your body.

Immunity boosting herbs

Some of the herbs with proven benefits are:

Ashwagandha: it is a very powerful adaptive due to which it enhanced the body’s resilience towards stress and anxiety. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels which in turn boosts immune system and helps in recovery

Giloy:  Giloy is very useful which helps in immunity boosting. It also helps in relieving from fever and maintaining a healthy blood sugar level .It is rich in antioxidants. Giloy has proven benefits against respiratory infections due to which it has been also used in many steroid compounds.

Amla: Amla a powerful antioxidant and the best source vitamin c .Amla has equal to 20 oranges equivalent of vitamin c,due to which it protects from any throat infections and cough related problems.

Tulsi: This is with effects similar to giloy, tulsi also relieves from chronic fever and helps fight against respiratory diseases .tulsi is also a powerful antibacterial and antifungal compound.

Neem : Just like tulsi Neem is also a antibacterial and antifungal herb.It also cools down the body .It keeps the skin clear and radiant.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a very powerful herb for boosting immunity as it is anti-inflammatory and it also so cool down the body the compound in turmeric called cur cumin is used in in allopathic medication as a powerful and anti-inflammatory compound.

Ginger: Ginger is also a very anti-inflammatory herb. It has a heating effect on the body.

Black pepper. It is a powerful antiviral and antibacterial substance, preventing any infections above the throat

Way to consume these herbs

You can consume all these herbs in different it ways as some prefer to collect all the herbs in equal proportions then keep a pan on medium flame with water in it and then put all the herbs into the pan,boil until the water is 1/4th its initial quantity strain the drink and drink it sip by sip Others also prefer to grind all these ingredients and consume the powder form of of the ingredients with water. You can also consume these ingredients in your daily diets simply by adding them on the top of your dish such as adding your vegetables with Ginger turmeric Tulsi can really help in boosting immunity.

Collect all the herbs in equal proportions then keep a pan on medium flame with water in it and then put all the herbs into the pan ,boil until the water is 1/4th its initial quantity strain the drink and drink it sip by sip

Why is it important to take care of your diet? 

At this time where coronavirus is spreading rapidly this very important for everybody to be healthy from inside as the virus attacks on people with low immunity. Diet is the main source through which we get all our vitamins and nutrients for our body, therefore it is requested from everybody to consume natural herbs which help boosting your immunity and makes you strong. Palmist is away there for our customer even when the times are tough thus, we will always make you aware of the best possible ways to stay healthy. We requests you to stay healthy and fit by boosting your immunity.

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