How to Boost Immunity at Home for Coronavirus


How to boost immunity at home for coronavirus

How to boost immunity at home for coronavirus

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How to boost immunity at home for coronavirus– In this season of Coronavirus circumstance, a crown patient ought to be cautious about their eating and other day to day routine as it is their fundamental wellspring of boosting invulnerability for the interior body. Not just a patients are contaminated by Covid should utilize this day by day propensities in their day to day existence yet additionally individuals who are around the patients ought to likewise utilize these propensities in their everyday life to shield themselves from Covid and make the insusceptibility framework more grounded.

Diet and exercise is the principal hotspot for our nourishment and fitness that is exceptionally indispensable for individuals to deal with the collared particularly in the current occasions where it is truly significant for you to keep your insusceptibility supported to shield yourself from different infections and microbes that were spreading everywhere on the globe. There are quite a lot of ways to improve your immunity some of which are follows. How to boost immunity at home for coronavirus:

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Practice yoga

Yoga has miraculous benefits in increasing the strength of immune system. Practicing yoga provides instant relaxation by reducing the cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone which has negative effects if chronically accumulated in the body. Research shows that yoga is affective in bringing down the cortisol levels in body as it releases built up stress in the muscles and calms down the mind, boosting the immunity in the long run. Some of the asana helpful in enhancing the immune system are :


  • Shalabasana
  • Anjaneyasana
  • Balasana
  • Krupa chaturanga dandasana

Doing Pranayama

Regular practice of Pranayama has been proven to increase the capacity of the lungs and increasing blood flow in arteries and veins .also increasing the oxygen levels in the blood cells 

Some of the Pranayama exercises useful in increasing immunity are :

  • Anulom vilom
  • Bhramari
  • Ujjayi Pranayam
  • Kapal bhati
  • Bhastrika
Stay hydrated

Human body is 75% water for life on earth to continue water is the key without water animals plants and humans would quickly perish staying hydrated keeps your body healthy. Staying hydrated promotes cardiovascular health as the heart is a big muscle that is continually pumping to ensure you get enough oxygen to all your cells a common cause of overworking your heart is dehydration the act of your body not retaining enough water to function correctly dehydration lower your blood volume which causes your heart to work harder and faster to make sure the rest of the body has oxygen and over heart is prone to heart attack stroke and other heart conditions due to which it is important to stay hydrated to increase the immunity of the body.

Hydration also helps joints and muscles to function correctly and maximize physical performance. Hydration also increases the energy levels and it also elevates the overall mood of the person due to which the stress level on the body gets low. Staying hydrated also places the body, everyday your body takes in toxins from food beverages air and other environmental contaminants these toxins cause physical and balances which make your body feel for teeth and strange drinking water plants use your body by helping organs like your kidney filter waste from your body and release them. The higher the amount of water you drink the more number of toxins your body disposes out this in turn increases the strength of the immune system. There are many ways in which we can stay hydrated some of these ways

  • Set a target of drinking 13 glasses of water a day
  • Set reminders to drink water regularly
  • Sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables as they are 90% of water.
Immunity boosting herbs


Ashwagandha: it is incredibly versatile because of which it improved the body’s flexibility towards stress and tension. It likewise helps in diminishing glucose levels which thusly supports the resistant framework and helps in recuperation.

Giloy: Giloy is exceptionally valuable which helps in invulnerability boosting. It additionally helps in calming fever and keeping a sound glucose level. It is wealthy in cell reinforcements. Giloy has demonstrated advantages against respiratory diseases because of which it has been likewise utilized in numerous steroid compounds.

Amla: Amla an incredible cell reinforcement and the best wellspring of nutrient c.Amla has equivalent to 20 oranges likeness nutrient c, because of which it shields from any throat diseases and hack related issues.

Tulsi: with impacts like giloy, tulsi likewise eases persistent fever and helps battle against respiratory sicknesses .tulsi is additionally an amazing antibacterial and antifungal compound.

Neem: Just like tulsi, Neem is likewise an antibacterial and antifungal spice. It additionally chills off the body. It keeps the skin clear and brilliant.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an exceptionally amazing spice for boosting resistance as it is calming and it adds so cool down the body the compound in turmeric called curcumin is utilized in allopathic drugs as an incredible and mitigating compound.

Ginger: Ginger is likewise an extremely mitigating spice. It has a warming impact on the body.

Black pepper: It is an incredible antiviral and antibacterial substance, forestalling any diseases over the throat

Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts meditation I have many health benefits such as reducing stress. In 8 week study meditation style called mindful meditation reduce the inflammation response caused by stress. Research has shown that meditation may also improve symptoms of stress related contain conditions including irritable bowel syndrome post-traumatic stress disorder. Meditation releases a hormone called serotonin which is also known as the victory hormone due to this hormone the mind gets relaxed and focused. It also helps in coping with addictions:

  • Regular exercise 
  • Make wise food choices
  • Maintain sleep cycle
  • Avoid stress

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Maintain Healthy Sleep Cycle

Sleep is really helpful to boost your immunity as it helps in recovering our body form the various problems internally. A healthy sleep cycle includes at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day. It also helps in digesting our food and helps as a fat cutter inside our body.

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