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Incorporating a hair mask into your routine is an excellent way to hydrate, soften, and improve the quality of your hair. Our hair is the first thing people notice about us, and we all want it to be healthy and shiny, with no dreaded bad hair days. As the weather changes, humidity, hard water locations, and a variety of other things will eventually affect the quality of our hair, and we may require assistance to restore it to its former splendour. We're going to demonstrate how to achieve that in this blog article by preparing and applying a rich conditioning hair mask infused with KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL, and some amazing botanical extracts. This hair mask is also ideal for dry, damaged hair that need further treatment.


It is an anhydrous (devoid of water) product that is gentle on the hair and easy to spread. Because it is typically composed of waxes, butters, and oils, it is ideal for those who wish to avoid preservatives. Additionally, it contains cationic surfactants, which do not froth your product but rather help your hair become more manageable. Cationic surfactants contain a positive charge, which attracts them to the negatively charged surface of the hair strand. They accomplish so by neutralising the negative charge and depositing a layer on the hair, smoothing the cuticle. This is why they are primarily found in conditioning treatments such as hair conditioner and fabric conditioner, but they are also included in cleansing solutions.

Kokum Butter: What Is It?

Everything You Need to Know Plant-based oils and butters are widely used in a number of personal care products, including lotions, lip balms, and hair treatments. While most people are familiar with cocoa, coconut, and shea butters, kokum butter is a lesser-known alternative with its own set of unique properties and advantages. This page discusses numerous of the potential benefits and applications of kokum butter, as well as how it compares to more popular plant butters. Distribute via Pinterest

How is kokum butter made?

Kokum butter is an oil obtained from the seeds of the kokum tree, a fruit-bearing tree. Kokum trees, scientifically known as Garcinia indica, are largely grown in India's tropical regions. The kokum tree's fruit and seeds are employed in a wide variety of culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal preparations. Kokum butter is often light grey or pale yellow in colour and is primarily composed of a form of saturated fat called stearic acid Because of the chemical structure of the fat, kokum butter remains solid at normal temperature, which is why it is frequently referred to as a butter rather than an oil. Kokum butter is edible and is utilised in the production of chocolates and other confections on a rare occasion. It is, however, most frequently used as an ingredient in topical cosmetics and personal care products, such as makeup, lotions, soaps, balms, and salves. In comparison to many other plant butters, kokum butter has a naturally firm texture that melts quickly when applied to the skin. While kokum butter can be used alone, commercially manufactured goods frequently combine it with other plant oils or butters to create a more spreadable consistency.


Almond oil is extracted by pressing the seeds of the almond tree (almond nuts) and pressing the resulting oil. Almonds have been prized in numerous ancient societies for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, which include high protein, omega-9 fatty acids, and vitamin E content. These qualities suggest that almond oil can help your hair retain its gloss and strength. Sweet almond oil is the most frequently sold and recommended hair product oil. Continue reading to learn if sweet almond oil is something you should try to improve the appearance of your hair. Almond oil's hair benefits Almond oil conditions the hair. Almond oil is an emollient, which means it can fill in cellular gaps in your hair. This results in silkier-feeling hair. Using almond oil on your hair over time gives it a softer texture. After incorporating almond oil into your hair care routine, you may notice that your hair becomes easier to comb through and style. Almond oil is excellent for strengthening and repairing hair. Using certain oils to treat hair can help reduce breakage and split ends. Nut oils, such as almond oil, have lubricating characteristics that help reduce friction during hair styling. A study on Brazilian nut oils (many of which contain oleic and linoleic acids, similar to Trusted Source sweet almond oil) found that when hair was treated with tiny amounts of oil components, its resilience improved. Almond oil may promote hair growth. There are no clinical experiments demonstrating that almond oil promotes hair growth. However, what we do know is that almond oil helps strengthen hair and make it less prone to split ends, which means that your hair growth will not be delayed by damaged hair loss. Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. When antioxidants counteract environmental stressors in the vicinity of your hair, it appears younger and healthier.

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Is the Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL suitable for my hair?

We at Palmist have made sure of the different hair care types and made our ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL accordingly.

Can the Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL deep clean my scalp?

Yes, the Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL can deep cleanse your scalp while moisturising your roots.

Does the ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL use artificial fragrances and chemicals?

No, Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL is infused with natural oils and are free from all harmful chemicals.


Yes, the Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL range from Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Rose, Vanilla, Tea, Lemon, Strawberry and Neroli the fragrances might transport you into wonderland.


Palmist is the largest manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and seller of varied types of ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL, we promise to indulge you in the freshness and quality of our wide-range products, including our Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL Palmist does not compromise the quality of the products when it concerns your health and beauty. We assure you that we adopt the highest quality standards both in production and packaging, delivering to you the ultimate, premium quality product. We follow strict packaging standards while packing our high-grade Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL so that you can receive them in perfect condition at your doorstep. We offer Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL in packages of different quantities (1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg) so that you can order them as per your needs from our website. We aim to provide you with the finest of the goods, giving to you the richness and the goodness of purely natural ingredients. You can purchase Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL from our online store, from the comfort of your home at the most affordable prices and safe payment methods. Our Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL not only caters to your cosmetic and beauty needs but also the preparation of DIY Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL for yourself and more. Check out the bulk prices of our products and avail of huge discounts. Apart from being a fine manufacturer in the Indian market, Palmist ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL is quickly emerging as a leading producer, and exporter of global quality, it restores hair’s moisture, shine and bouncy ANHYDROUS HAIR MASK With KAKUM BUTTER, ALMOND OIL . We are exporting products globally to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many more. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial preservatives and is, therefore, a good alternative to synthetic fragrances and oils. Our logistics partners like DHL, India Post, Blue Dart, FedEx, etc.

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