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SHAMPOO WITH HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEIN PALMIST HERBAL Is your hair feeling a little lifeless and dry? Then our Silk Protein Shampoo is the product for you. It hydrates and revitalises hair, restoring shine, softness, and strength while decreasing dryness and split ends. HERBAL SHAMPOO WITH HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEIN hydrates and revitalises hair, while silk protein possesses moisture-binding properties that keep your hair looking fresh and lustrous for longer. Why is hydrolyzed silk protein good for your hair? Our shampoo is excellent for dry to normal hair, including coloured or permed hair.

It's something that every hairstylist is aware of! The battle between damaged hair and reappearing split ends Silk is one of the elements that has been found to boost overall hair health. But what is it about silk that makes it so special? What makes it such an important component of hair care products? But hold on a second... why is it called "hydrolyzed silk protein"? Silk protein comes in a shell that can't be used in liquid products when it's extracted from its natural source. The term "hydrolysis" refers to the process of breaking down this shell with water in order to make it fit into hair products. What are the benefits of hydrolyzed silk protein for hair health? You may know as a well-educated hairdresser that the protein keratin is the most important component of hair.

You're undoubtedly also aware that this protein is responsible for the strength, protection, and structure of your hair. When hair is subjected to chemical treatments and heat on a regular basis, the keratin in the hair breaks down, making the hair fragile, brittle, and prone to breakage. This is where hydrolyzed silk protein comes in to help your clients overcome these difficulties. Silk Protein Quick Facts Ingredient Type: Amino Acid What It Does: It provides structure, strength, and protection. It hydrates and fortifies the skin. EWG Rating: 1. What are the major benefits of hydrolyzed silk protein? When the protein in the hair breaks down, the hair becomes weak, inelastic, and prone to breaking. More protein must be added to maintain the balance and continue to provide strength, protection, and structure to the hair. Cysteine is found in hydrolyzed silk protein, which is required for the production of new keratin and hair reinforcement.

Hydrolyzed silk protein has the potential to replenish keratin protein in the hair and so strengthen weakened hair. It penetrates the hair shaft, moisturising and strengthening the hair from within. Furthermore, because silk protein is the strongest natural fibre known, when it infiltrates the hair, it forms a protective barrier around each hair strand, preventing further damage. Hydrolyzed silk protein improves hair shine, increases elasticity to prevent breakage, and helps the hair retain moisture for longer periods of time than any other protein. Protein is essential for hair health, whether you like it or not... ... and silk protein is, too! You can achieve the following results by using silk protein-based hair care products: Hair should be strengthened. To avoid hair breaking, increase the suppleness of the hair. You can repair any damage and keep your hair from splitting. This aids in the retention of moisture in the hair for extended periods of time. Enhance the hair's smoothness and silkiness. Enhance your hair's lustre. The hair will be less dry as a result of this treatment. Make your hair less frizzy and styling easier. Why are NATULIQUE products made with hydrolyzed silk protein? We at NATULIQUE admire veganism and want to do our part to help animals. As a result, we have never used and will never use animal testing on our products!We believe that no one should have to sacrifice their health for the sake of beauty, which is why we have added the vegan certification to a number of NATULIQUE hair care products. Simultaneously, we do not sacrifice utility or quality. Because it is crucial for us to provide you with the greatest products of the highest possible quality—always—hydrolyzed silk protein can be found in a few select products. Of course, we're always on the lookout for vegan-friendly choices that meet our high standards! A fantastic example Silk Protein Conditioner is a product that demonstrates silk protein's incredible benefits! The cream penetrates deep into the scalp, stimulating and nourishing hair follicles while also strengthening hair roots and improving the thickness of each hair strand. To ensure deep feeding and vitamin enrichment, the silk protein is mixed with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Almond Oil.

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Is the Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO suitable for my hair?

We at Palmist have made sure of the different hair care types and made our HERBAL SHAMPOO accordingly.

Can the HERBAL SHAMPOO deep clean my scalp?

Yes, the Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO can deep cleanse your scalp while moisturising your roots.

Does the HERBAL SHAMPOO use artificial fragrances and chemicals?

No, Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO is infused with natural oils and are free from all harmful chemicals.

Does Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO smell good?

Yes, the Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO range from Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Rose, Vanilla, Tea, Lemon, Strawberry and Neroli the fragrances might transport you into wonderland.

Buy Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO at wholesale price

Palmist is the largest manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and seller of varied types of HERBAL SHAMPOO , we promise to indulge you in the freshness and quality of our wide-range products, including our Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO . Palmist does not compromise the quality of the products when it concerns your health and beauty. We assure you that we adopt the highest quality standards both in production and packaging, delivering to you the ultimate, premium quality product. We follow strict packaging standards while packing our high-grade Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO so that you can receive them in perfect condition at your doorstep. We offer Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO in packages of different quantities (1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg) so that you can order them as per your needs from our website. We aim to provide you with the finest of the goods, giving to you the richness and the goodness of purely natural ingredients. You can purchase Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO from our online store, from the comfort of your home at the most affordable prices and safe payment methods. Our Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO not only caters to your cosmetic and beauty needs but also the preparation of DIY Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO for yourself and more. Check out the bulk prices of our products and avail of huge discounts. Apart from being a fine manufacturer in the Indian market, Palmist HERBAL SHAMPOO is quickly emerging as a leading producer, and exporter of global quality, it restores hair’s moisture, shine and bouncy HERBAL SHAMPOO . We are exporting products globally to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many more. It does not contain any chemicals or artificial preservatives and is, therefore, a good alternative to synthetic fragrances and oils. Our logistics partners like DHL, India Post, Blue Dart, FedEx, etc.

Why Pocket Inc Is The Best Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer In India

Palmist Cares (Pocket Inc.) is India’s leading private label cosmetic manufacturer known for its quality production and affordability. Established in 2019, we deal with premium skincare and wellness items. We are among the list of best third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India. As private labeling in contract manufacturing for skin care products, we also indulge in custom formulation service that includes OEM (cosmetic and skin care manufacturing), Travel Packs OEM, and Hotel amenity manufacturing. Our brand image is due to our matchless production methods and pan-India supply of items. We have an international customer base as well. Invest your money and trust in us for third-party production. Reach us via mail or give us a call at +91 7669006909


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