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"Essential Oil of Peru Balsam"

Peru Balsam has a light but deep, rich perfume that is woody but sweet, with hints of vanilla and benzoin. It also has a smidgeon of cinnamon flavor. Because Peru Balsam has elements found in Benzoin and Cinnamon Essential Oil, this is most likely the case. Peru Balsam has long been used topically to treat a variety of skin problems, including dry skin and small cuts and wounds.

This might lead to a lot of individuals using it without taking adequate precautions or diluting it first. It is highly advised to use proper dilution and do a skin patch test. Peru Balsam Oil, according to Robert Tissera Nd, may cause sensitivity in certain people. Based on the information I've received from numerous sources, I suggest avoiding it for any topical application.

Peru Balsam Oil is calming and relaxing when diffused in a candle diffuser. It's fairly thick, so exercise caution if using a nebulizer to distribute it. While Peru Balsam is relaxing and may assist with stress, it can also function as a stimulant."

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"Peru Balsam Essential Oil Applications

1. Balsam of Peru oil, when diluted in carrier oil, may alleviate dry chapped skin, eczema, rashes, sores and wounds, rheumatism, diaper rash, bedsores, pruritus, prurigo, and sore nipples.

2. It can be used to treat asthma, colds, coughs, and bronchitis by applying it to the chest. It may also be used in the treatment of skin parasites such as scabies, as well as in the treatment of infected and slow-healing wounds, burns, decubitus ulcers, frost bite, ulus cruris, and bruising caused by prosthesis.

3. It also stimulates the heart, raises blood pressure, and reduces mucus secretions. It also decreases inflammation and prevents infections, alleviates respiratory and dental disorders, and aids in hemorrhoid treatment.

4. Balsam of Peru, because it contains benzoic acid, may cause dermatitis in people who are sensitive to benzoin resinoids.

5. When used in a diffuser, Peru balsam essential oil, on the other hand, has been shown to reduce symptoms of nervous tension and stress.

6. It is commonly found in diaper rash ointments, hair tonics, antidandruff treatments, and feminine hygiene sprays. Furthermore, Peru balsam oil can be utilized in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions, incense, and fragrances as a natural fixative and aroma component.

7. It is commonly used in the pharmaceutical business to make cough syrups, dry socket treatment in dentistry, and hemorrhoid suppositories.

8. The essential oil of Peru balsam is used to flavor baked goods, candies, chewing gum, gelatin, ice cream, pudding, soft drinks, and syrups."


"Peru Balsam Essential Oil Advantages

1. Fights bronchitis and other respiratory infections

Because of its antibacterial and expectorant characteristics, benzoin, one of the main components of Peru Balsam essential oil, has been used since ancient times by the Romans, Egyptians, and Phoenicians for the treatment of respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, colds, coughing, and flu. Furthermore, Peru balsam plants have been shown to suppress Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

2. Relieves congestion in the respiratory tract

It can stimulate the lungs to evacuate mucus, clearing congestion in the respiratory tracts. Phlegm and mucus trap germs and bacteria, which can lead to serious consequences and prolong the patient's recovery. Peru balsam essential oil can be used in a diffuser to allow its qualities to penetrate the respiratory system directly, resulting in a faster recovery.

3. Reduces anxiety, stress and mental afflictions

Peru balsam essential oil is well-known for its ability to relieve mental ailments such as nervousness, worry, and stress. It will act on the stress hormones in our system when used in a diffuser, in an aromatherapy inhalation session, or simply by inhaling directly from the bottle, allowing us to calm down and give our body a respite from the tiredness induced by daily stress.

4. Natural depurative

The depurative qualities of Peru balsam essential oil have already been examined and shown to be highly beneficial. Balsam of Peru essential oil's diuretic properties make it popular among those who need to flush out toxins, waste, extra water, and fat from their bodies. This natural property of Balsam of Peru essential oil may be its most flexible and important feature. This is especially significant for persons who suffer from hemorrhoids, as this is a common treatment for that unpleasant ailment.

5. Dental care

Peru balsam essential oil is a common ingredient in dental hygiene products because to its pleasant aroma and taste, as well as its antibacterial, astringent, and antiseptic properties, as it can help eliminate hazardous bacteria and infections from the teeth and gums.

6. Haircare

A few drops of Peru balsam oil added to your regular shampoo can substantially improve the health, strength, and gloss of your hair. Furthermore, you will be supporting the health of your scalp by eliminating dead cells through a natural exfoliation created by Peru balsam oil, as well as any dandruff issues.

7. Prevents bacterial infections

The active elements of Balsam of Peru essential oil have been linked to the removal of germs and bacteria, as well as the cleansing of areas vulnerable to invasion or infection, as well as the frequent ulcer-causing bacteria.

8. Stimulates immune system

Peru balsam oil boosts the immune system, owing to its diuretic and antioxidant characteristics, the former of which detoxifies our entire body and the latter of which prevents premature degeneration of all of our interior and exterior organs.

According to research, the oil can stimulate the immune system and aid in the elimination of free radicals throughout the body. This permits us to be biologically prepared to tackle potentially hazardous conditions for our health, preventing the development of chronic diseases such as cancer.

9. Helps to lower blood pressure and improve heart health

This oil can lower blood pressure in hypertensive persons, promoting cardiovascular health and preventing coronary illnesses, thrombosis, and cerebrovascular accidents, among other things."

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